A complete guide to mastering Basic Seo

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Whether you just launched your blog or already have, join us to learn some basic SEO for bloggers. These are some elements that you should make sure you have on your website. It will help you optimize your blog for different search engines. Here we'll take a look at what you should do to help set up your blog. This basic SEO will help growing up your website faster.

A complete guide to mastering Basic Seo

Practice basic SEO

Practice basic SEO

WordPress and blogger hostings

If your blog is hosted on blogger, there is not much that you can do. So it is better to have your blog hosted on WordPress to be able to practice basic SEO better.

Blogger belongs to Google, and there are some restrictions on it, whereas WordPress gives you more options.

Topic title

Topic title

It should be indicative of the topic that the visitor is looking for.

The more title precise and specific, the more advantage you will have in search results.

Optimization of H2, H3, and H4 headers

It gives a sequence of ideas, help to organize the topic, and the reader feels pleasure in reading.

If the topic is scattered, it will disturb the reader. 

These tags tell the search engine the importance of these titles you include in your topic.

It became like a single unit of an integrated subject that missed basic SEO.

Use keywords

Target at a reasonable rate as you write to the reader and not the search engine.

Most of us correspond to the search engine by adhering to some directives that may make our work not creative.


Previously Metatags was one of the primary basic SEO used to get people to find your website.

These tags are keywords that define what your website is about and is added directly to the pages' code. 

All that be clear and readable by Google spiders, but not necessarily for regular readers, Metatags are no longer as important as before.

People nowadays have tried to circumvent the system and stuff tags with keywords that may be related to their actual websites.

Using images

People usually ignore adding images to their website, as it slow website. But It is creative to use images because the reader loves the topic supported by illustrations and graphics.


It would be best if you had a sitemap for Google to know your location. It's an important basic SEO factor.

The map allows Google to recognize all of your website pages and articles.

It also speeds up Google's ability to index any changes to your website.

Website Speed matters

Google will check how fast your site loads, so you won't get a high ranking if your loading is slow.

The loading speed depends on page contents such as images and videos (their number and size).

In the end, it is still to point out that all these factors combined give us a strong position that overcomes its competitors.

If one of the basic SEO factors is missed, the website is easily accessible to competitors.


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