Ad campaigns inspired by the best marketing insights

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Best marketing insights create A great ad campaign that moves and inspire its target audience, making a lasting impression on them.
However, the ability to connect with customers in this manner depends on a deep understanding of complicated consumer data.

Marketers depend on extensive data to produce distinctive ideas for their most successful campaigns. A strong message might be sparked by a single, essential fact about your target audience.What are the most innovative marketing concepts based on the best marketing insights?

Best marketing insights

Ad campaigns inspired by the best marketing insights

The study of trends in consumer behavior is just one aspect of gaining the best marketing insights.

To accomplish their goals, individuals have a range of motivations.

 By knowing their (and your) next move, you can better anticipate what they will do.

Keep reading if you wish to build your business on that knowledge.

We'll talk about how to get the best marketing insights and what you can do with them.

 Start your next campaign fast by following some real-world examples and using the appropriate resources.

Let's go to discover ad campaigns inspired by the best marketing insights.

Activia: It Starts Inside

Campaign Activia changed its name to 'It Starts Inside' in February 2017.

The goal of the work was to elicit conversation and motivate women to confront their "inner critic" and pursue their dreams.

Insight: 80 percent of women ages 25 to 55 in the United States think they are their own worst critics, according to a poll by Activia and GlobalWebIndex.

So That's Why

     Among the ladies shown in the commercial are those who have overcome their doubts, as well as their fortitude and commitment.

     An excellent example of audience-centric marketing is the "Don't Tell Me I Can't" video.

 Always: Keep Going #LikeAGirl

Always: Keep Going #LikeAGirl

#LikeAGirl is a well-known campaign. Launched in 2014.

 the multi-award-winning marketing campaign effectively positioned Always as a social change ambassador.

The campaign's theme changed in 2017 to encourage females to accept failure rather than be disheartened by it.

Insight: Fear of failure paralyzes 49% of females throughout adolescence, preventing them from doing new activities.

So the brand could build on its original message, encouraging females to overcome their fears and ‘keep going #LikeAGirl'.

That's Why

     This long-running ad continues to challenge societal prejudices while updating its powerful message.

     With 70% of women and 60% of men admitting the initial campaign transformed their perspective of the term ‘like a female,' it's evident that the method works.

Nike: Find Your Greatness

Nike: Find Your Greatness

Nike's 'Find Your Greatness campaign, launched for the start of the London Olympics in 2012, urged athletes of all abilities to reach their full potential.

Many people aspire to push themselves to their limits, and not simply great athletes or record breakers.

As best marketing insights as a result of this campaign's focus on "achieving their defining moment of greatness," several of Nike's target athletes were included.

Why it worked

     Data-driven characters were taken into consideration while developing the campaign's message, which had universal appeal.

     An excellent example of marketing that connects by appealing to the emotions of target customers,

      while contradicting popular notions of the brand—in this instance, that it's not only for elite athletes.


Find out how consumer intelligence may via best marketing insights help you better understand your consumers and how to make them the happiest people on the planet by creating ad campaigns to face their needs.

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