Does blogging really make money?

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Some might wonder if blogging really makes money, the answer is yes; Blogging is a legitimate business, you’ll be able to build a passive income if you know how to play the blogging game, which can set you up for life; It is, without a doubt, a difficult task. It's not a "push-and-earn" game here; However, blogging really makes money if you apply the correct strategy.

Here's some math to see how blogging really makes money

Does blogging really make money?

You can earn a full-time income from blogging within the first year. Let me tell you that blogging is a long-term investment; don't expect to become wealthy overnight. Many new bloggers, on the other hand, make $10,000 per month in their first year. Therefore, blogging does really make money.

Your website gets:

·         100,000 visitors per month

·         You have a product that 1% of them buy on a monthly basis

·         Your profit on that product is $5 a pop

·         100,000 x .01 x $5 = $5000

If a first-time visitor made a purchase, on average they bought $70 worth of product.

Even if the blog only has 10,000 visitors per month, the company still earns $28,000 per month. (The blog received far more than 10,000 monthly visitors.)

So how can you do that on your own and really make money blogging?

So how can you do that on your own and really make money blogging?

1.    Get traffic to your blog

2.    Monetize the traffic

How to Get Traffic

Social media and search engines are the two most common strategies to drive visitors to your blog. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of visitors every month can be attracted to your website if it ranks well in Google for various search phrases. (This is known as SEO.)

Once you've established a constant stream of visitors to your site, you'll want to add them to your email list. You send out social media updates and an email to your list every time you publish a new blog post. This following can grow to be quite substantial and lucrative over time.

How to Monetize Your Traffic

·         Advertising:

Bloggers really make money through ads; Advertising can be done in two ways:

Ad Networks: Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, Adthrive

Direct Advertising: you can go directly to advertisers or even make them contact you to display their ads on your blog.

·         Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people's products and services in exchange for commissions when someone signs up for or purchases the product.

What makes Affiliate Marketing so appealing is that:

 • Unlike ad networks, you have the freedom to choose which items you want to promote.

• You have a wide range of products within each niche.

• Affiliate revenue is a passive source of income that you may earn while sleeping.

Top Affiliate Networks to Join:

Top Affiliate Networks to Join:

Sign up for these networks and you'll have access to hundreds of items and services to promote on your site.

·         Flexoffers

·         AWIN

·         Impact

·         Sharasale

·         Amazon Associates Program

·         Igain


·         Selling Physical & Digital Products

A blog can be an excellent place to promote your items, such as printables, courses, and even eBooks.

You can always build a course or an e-book and sell it, regardless of your niche.

·         Services

You can post your services on your blog and people will contact you to have work done. For example, if you're a freelance developer, you can use your blog to promote your computer science talents and get clients.

·         Sponsorships

Sponsored content is a way to make money. Bloggers are frequently used by businesses to increase exposure and promote their brands and products.


Finally, blogging really makes money once you get the hang of this blogging game. It is not an easy task but it is doable.

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