How to Download Mobile Legends on PC

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 Download Mobile Legends on your PC has many advantages to enjoy this game. You don't have to worry about your phone battery overheating or running out of power very quickly! Moreover, why not take advantage of it to play Mobile Legends with a console? In short, there is no shortage of arguments, but first of all we will make sure that we can load our mobile game on a PC. In this article you will find how to download Mobile Legends.


Advantages of playing Mobile Legends on PC

Advantages of playing Mobile Legends on PC

Of course, there are many disadvantages and advantages to playing on each platform. However, playing MOBA on mobile or PC can make a huge difference. Let me point out some of the advantages of download Mobile Legends on PC and start playing it.

You can check the mini map more easily

You can check the mini map more easily

It is important that you always check your mini map. It can give you important clues about where enemies are hiding, what targets they are doing, and whether or not they are attacking your path. This isn't very obvious in the first ranks, but the more you play Mobile Legends, the more important it becomes.

You can react a lot quicker

You can react a lot quicker

The reaction time will be large from Grand Master rank and above. If you can dodge enemy skills, they can make a huge difference in team battles, and by playing on a larger screen (on PC) you can better see the hit box of those skills.

You can use skills simultaneously 

If you want to cast two skills at once, playing on PC will give you that option. You will not lose a second by moving and placing your hand on the right buttons on the screen, as you will have basically all the skills associated with a key on the keyboard. 

Requirements to play Mobile Legends on PC

If you want to download Mobile Legends and start playing it smoothly on PC (pretty much any emulator), the following requirements are recommended:


        Operating System: Windows 7 and later (Windows XP at least)

        RAM: 8 GB or more (at least 2 GB)

        CPU: AMD / Intel i5 and above (AMD dual core / Minimum Intel)

        Graphics Card: AMD / NVIDIA discrete graphics, GTX660 and above (Minimum Intel / NVIDIA / AMD)


How to Download Mobile Legends on PC


        Open the Mobile Legends page on Gameloop

        Download Mobile Legends on PC

        Install the Mobile Legends app that you downloaded. If you don't have Gameloop yet, this will also install it.

        Play the game as soon as you are ready

How to Increase the performance of Mobile Legends on your PC

        Before restarting your computer, make sure you know the key that connects you to the bios. Usually it's F2 or Del, but sometimes it varies from brand to brand, so the best way to find it is via Google "how to access Bios X motherboard/laptop/prebuilt." Once you know the key that will take you into the BIOS, move on to the next step.

        Restart your computer and press this key repeatedly once your computer shuts down and starts up again.

        Now start looking for a virtualization technology option. Most of the time, it's called: Intel(R) Virtualization Technology, Virtualization, Virtualization, VT-X, or SVM, and you'll find it in the processor configuration settings in your BIOS.

        Once you enable it, be sure to save the settings and exit the BIOS.

        Open the emulator and start playing Mobile Legends. You should now notice a significant difference in the game's performance.






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