Best Ways To Download Youtube Videos for Android

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 Download YouTube videos is an important thing that people who own an Android phone have in mind. Sometimes, you may need to download videos to watch them offline, just in case you are disconnected from Wi-Fi. Other times, you may need a clip from a YouTube video for personal and other use. There are many ways to download videos. In this article, we are going to look at three ways to download YouTube videos. 

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

After looking at terms of service for YouTube, Let's summarize what we learned:

Downloading videos from YouTube is a breach of YouTube's terms of service, and the company can sue you.

YouTube has not mentioned any desire to penalize users for downloading videos.

Downloading copyrighted videos without the permission of the video owner is an illegal act. From a criminal standpoint,

Some videos are legal to download as these videos must have the correct licenses.

And all of this probably applies to all other video sites, so be careful.

Download YouTube videos through the YouTube app


Download YouTube videos through the YouTube app

        Open the YouTube app on your device.

        Find the video you want to download.

        Tap the three dots button on the right side below the video thumbnail.

        Click Download Video

        Select your preferred download quality and hit "Download" to start saving the video offline.

        Alternatively, if you are already playing the video, you will see a Download button at the bottom of the player. Click on the button to download the video


Your video should now start downloading based on your initial preferences. You may want to modify the download settings to suit your needs. You can do this by going to the download settings page:


        In the YouTube app, tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner.

        Click on Settings

        Select Downloads

        From there, you can adjust your download preferences.


Download YouTube videos through YouTube Go

Download YouTube videos through YouTube Go


If your phone is running Android Go, downloading videos will be easier with the YouTube Go app. Follow the following steps.

        Open YouTube Go

        Search for the video you want to download and press on it.

        Choose your preferred download quality

        Click on the download button


Download YouTube videos through third-party apps

The unique downside to downloading videos using the official YouTube app is that it requires a premium subscription in some regions, which may not be favorable for some.

Also, if you are looking to share the downloaded video file with someone later, the YouTube app will not allow you to. So, the best way is to use an external app to download videos from YouTube.


These applications allow you to save video files - in different formats - directly to your phone's storage. Therefore, it is easy to transfer or share to your computer if the need arises.

There are many YouTube download apps that work well. Some of them also add some great features to the mix. The apps include VideoMate, TubeMate, Ymusic, etc.




There you have it - 3 best ways to download YouTube videos. With this comprehensive information, we are now sure that you no longer have to worry about downloading YouTube videos on Android.


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