Earn your leisure youtube, the easiest 3 ways

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Earn your leisure youtube. Leisure is a YouTube channel created by Rob Ager that covers a variety of topics related to self-improvement including time management productivity and goal setting. The channel has over 200 videos with the most popular ones being "How to Stop Wasting Time" and "How to Get Motivated." Although the channel is aimed at a general audience it has particular appeal for students and young professionals who are looking for ways to make the most of their time.

Earn your leisure youtube crypto

Earn your leisure youtube, the easiest 3 ways


YouTube is a great way to make extra money especially if you have a niche channel with a loyal following.

And what could be more niche than a channel about cryptocurrency?

By producing quality content on a regular basis you can build up a steady stream of income from advertising and affiliate marketing.

If you're not sure where to start, check out some of the top crypto YouTubers and see what they're doing right.

Then create your own videos and start earning your leisure!

Earn your leisure podcast youtube

Earn your leisure podcast youtube

The "Earn Your Leisure" podcast is a weekly show that discusses pressing topics in the world of business entertainment and sports from the perspective of young professionals.

The podcast is hosted by Richie Norton, an entrepreneur, author and speaker who has been featured in Forbes Inc. and The Huffington Post.

Richie is also the host of the "It's Your Life Live Big" podcast which has ranked in the Top 100 business podcasts on iTunes.

How does youtube pay you?

How does youtube pay you?

To get paid by YouTube you must first become a YouTube Partner.

This can be done by joining the YouTube Partner Program which is free to do.

Once you become a Partner you'll need to connect your AdSense account to your YouTube account.

AdSense is a program run by Google that allows you to place ads on your videos and earn money from them.

How can youtube pay you

The first way to make money from youtube is through advertising.

You can sign up for AdSense which will place ads on your videos.

You can also become a YouTube Partner.

This gives you access to special features such as being able to sell merchandise and having your videos featured on the YouTube homepage.

You will also get a share of the revenue from any ads that are shown on your videos.

Finally you can create sponsored videos where you promote a product or service in return for a fee.


There is no guaranteed or specific way to increase your channel's CPM. However there are a number of things you can do to make your channel more attractive to advertisers and thus increase your chances of getting higher CPM rates. First produce high-quality content that is popular with viewers.

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