Earnings from YouTube and the best steps to follow

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 Earnings from YouTube, the average profit rate from YouTube ranges between 30 cents and 3 US dollars per thousand views, but this depends on many factors including the geographical location of the viewers, the content of the video, the time that viewers spend watching the video and how much they interact with the video, and Important steps to follow, I will cover earnings from YouTube and the best steps to follow in detail below.

The steps of earnings from YouTube

Earnings from YouTube and the best steps to follow

Step 1: Create a YouTube channel
Step 1: Create a YouTube channel

To make a YouTube channel, you must return to a previous topic in the winners entitled How to make a YouTube channel.

Where you are looking for previous videos about the work of the YouTube channel

In any case, creating a YouTube channel is very easy, and you do not need more than one Google account,

and with some simple steps, you can choose an appropriate name for your channel, and start preparing its description and image.

Second Step: Start supplying your channel with videos on continuous

It is preferable to choose interesting and attractive ideas for viewers in order to increase the number of viewers on your channel.

Keep posting new videos, and try to avoid the mistakes you made in the previous videos.

Step 3: Start marketing your channel and videos

·         Create social media pages for your YouTube channel.

·         Run paid advertising campaigns on YouTube.

·         Ask your friends, family, and close friends to help you get your videos to more viewers.

·         Try to reach reciprocal marketing agreements with channel owners in the same field as yours, or close fields.

·         Try to take advantage of the trend to get more views (Exploiting the trend means making videos about hot events or famous videos).

Step Four: Start Monetizing YouTube

There are many ways to profit from YouTube in the correct way, and one of the most famous is the step of subscribing to the YouTube Partner Program.

It is worth noting that there are conditions for joining the YouTube Partner Program, which must be met to activate the profit from the channel,

Requirements for earnings from YouTube

Requirements for earnings from YouTube


     Channel compliance with YouTube monetization policies.

·         You are located in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

·         4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

·         At least 1000 subscribers.

·         Owning a Google account and linking it to the channel.

·         You must constantly maintain subscribers and viewing hours with high drop rates

·         You must have an ADSENSE account

Terms of earnings from YouTube

You must read the terms of the YouTube program carefully and agree to its terms

You must subscribe to ADSENSE if you meet the requirements of the viewers.

Set your advertising preferences YouTube will review the channel to ensure its compliance with YouTube's terms.


In the end, after you know everything about the conditions for earnings from YouTube, now start your business while you are assured.

But don't forget to check out YouTube SEO in order to be able to rank higher in YouTube searches.

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