How to Download Facebook Lite APK On Android

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 Facebook Lite offers us a version of Facebook for Android designed specifically for those terminals with low resources that, in principle, are trying to establish themselves in all the so-called emerging countries. A very functional version of Facebook for Android although there is no waste in terms of its user interface to be able to use it perfectly with all the low cost Android devices. In this article is a full step-by-step guide on how to download Facebook Lite.

 What is Facebook Lite?

How to Download Facebook Lite APK On Android


Facebook Lite is an app launched by Meta companies as an alternative to the original Facebook app with a much lower weight, improved data consumption, and ideal for phones that don't have a good internet connection.

 Therefore, it is ideal for slow 2G networks of any Android, so you can get it directly from the Play Store.

Facebook Lite vs Facebook

Facebook Lite vs Facebook


To help you decide which app is best for you, to install it on your mobile phone, we must analyze the differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite. 

One of the main differences is the weight, as mentioned earlier, the original version of Facebook can reach 72MB while Facebook only exceeds 1.6MB, which is a big difference. You can chat from the same app without having to install the companion Messenger app.

In terms of multimedia, Facebook lite has very low data consumption which allows for faster reproduction of videos, but with a more streamlined interface than an all-in-one, with minimal all its sections at the top of the screen, but when it comes to functionality it's like giving "Like" is much simpler, which is to adapt everything on one screen.


Features of Facebook Lite

Features of Facebook Lite



               Facebook lite contains all the main Facebook features.

               It consumes less space on your mobile phone and uses less mobile data.

               Lite works perfectly on all networks, including 2G.

               Facebook lite installs faster and loads your screen faster.

               Facebook lite apk works on most Android devices

               It works perfectly on iOS mobile phones.


How to Download Facebook Lite

To install the Facebook Lite app from the google Play Store, follow these steps:

Enter the Play Store on your mobile phone.

In the magnifying glass at the top, type "Facebook Lite".

You will get the first option automatically, select "Install" on the green button.

To install Facebook Lite APK follow these steps:

Go to the official Facebook Lite website from your phone browser and you will find the downloadable APK file there

Select Download on the blue button

Wait for the download to start

Once done, look inside the download folder for the file

Select it, and it may ask you to grant permission to install from unknown sources. Give them a chance and keep installing until you reach the end.

How can I update Facebook Lite

To update your version of Facebook Lite on your mobile phone, you can do this by entering the Play Store, in the search magnifying glass type «Facebook Lite» and if there is a new version available, you will get the option «Update».

You can also download the APK file as we learned earlier from the official Facebook website and it will always be available to download the latest available version.


It is important to understand that the best version of Facebook for you will depend on your needs, so if you want to have all the functionality, given the poor performance on your mobile phone, Facebook Lite is perfect for you.


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