How to find a lost laptop and locate

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How to Find a lost laptop,the loss of your laptop seems to be a disaster for you, whether when it was forgotten somewhere and was stolen or hijacked, it is not annoying because you do not have enough money to buy another, computer while losing your files, personal photos,and can be more dangerous if the computer holds highly confidential information about you such as email, so let's get to How to Find a lostlaptopthrough this article.

How to find a lost laptop

How to find a lost laptop and locate

How to Find a lost laptop or how will we deal with these situations, Have you ever thought about this?.

It's just like Android phones, you will install a program or activate a feature in Windows that will help you

To find your lost laptop easily by locating it on the map, one of the programs that do the job.

Where the applications and versions vary between free and paid, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Find your device using a Microsoft account

Here is the first step in how to find a lost laptop, head to your account on the Microsoft website.

And sign in with the same Microsoft account associated with your laptop, and then select the Find your device tab.

Then choose the device you want to search for and select “Search” to see a map showing the device's location.

Choose Steps to remotely lock your Windows device When you find your device on the map, select Lock -> Next.

Use the Find My Device feature

How to find a lost laptop and locate

The Find my Device feature is one of the new features that came with the version of 1511 of Windows 10.

This helps you in how to find a lost laptop, If you use this version, the feature will be enabled by default.

And we reviewed it with you in the topic of a new feature in Windows 10 To recover a stolen laptop.

 Then you sign in with your Microsoft account that is also synchronized with the Windows 10 registered on your device.

Use the prey tool

How to find a lost laptop and locate

Prey tool is a free online tool that you can use on all different computer platforms, whether Mac, or Linux.

 You can use it for the same task as well, which is tracking your device and even controlling it remotely.

Such as forcibly shutting down the device or encrypting and protecting it, your files stored on disks, and sending a message.

 And other commands that you can implement remotely in the event of theft and loss of the laptop.


In conclusion, if you are looking for how to find a lost laptop device, here are the steps in detail.

 Through this article, you can restore the laptop through more than one method as well as using multiple free tools.

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