Announcing Google Search Console - Tools

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 It is a free service provided by Google, considered one of its most important services, that allows website owners to add their own sites, improve indexing, and publish content to the Google search engine as a consol & helps many of us on evaluating website issues , helps website owners to make their content more visible So that it aims to appear on the first results page as the first choice. This SEO is a key factor in improving your visibility in search results and getting more visitors to your site or store.

What google search console tools do ?

Announcing Google Search Console - Tools

     Complete stats via Googlebot.

     Statistics of external and internal links to the site.

     Identify the words that appear in the Google search with the order of each word.

     Detecting errors in HTML codes, such as pages that do not contain a title or description.

     Possibility to delete some website links from Google.

     Website browsing errors

     Submit and check the sitemap.


Why do we use search engine optimization tools?

Why do we use search engine optimization tools?

Combine several like Google Keyword Planner To get the raw data.

Google Webmaster Tool To monitor their sites and Google Analytics To analyze the data obtained .

SEO tools to replace manual data collection and analysis, making SEO professionals work more and better with valuable time..


What are google tools ?

What are google tools ?

Google PageSpeed Insights :

User experience while ranking sites in search results. Website speed and ease of use are more important than ever .

It also shows you the things that need improvement.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test :

User Experience The site must be mobile friendly to get a better ranking. All you have to do is enter your site link

Google search console :

This tool is very useful in terms of SEO as you can use it as a tracker to check your site's rankings on the search results page & You can get help directly from Google


Google trends :

for search marketers, assisting with a great many SEO tasks They are very useful for helping marketers keep track of topics over time, it analyzes the prevalence

SEO web page analyzer :

 Give you a quick analysis of your site and a search engine view

A screenshot of the webpage gives you some quick tips to improve it. Makes recommendations on accessibility of access


Google Adwords :

 program offered by Google through which webmasters buy certain keywords To show their ads on the search engine results page To control where ads can be distributed


Google pagespeed :

Analyze and measure the speed of your site's performance on all the platforms

 Google offers several free tools that allow webmasters to improve the visibility of corporate websites on the search results page by monitoring traffic and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

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