Discover google apk browser to search for information

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Discover google apk browser to search for information

Google apk is the most popular and widely used browser in the world, due to its many features and availability for various devices. google apk has a simple interface.

Google apk

Google apk browser appeared in 2008 to dominate the web browsers for its ownership, and in light of this fierce competition,Google browser was rated as the best among the other types, The browser may seem simple, but the features of Google are endless.

If you want to discover the most important hidden Google features and take advantage of them to enhance your time on the Internet, here are the most important hidden Google features that you should know.

Find your passwords

google apk browser to search

The Google apk browser offers an important feature, which is searching for passwords As the browser helps you remember the passwords for the different sites that you access through the browser by opening the Google apk settings menu, then choosing passwords And a list will appear containing the passwords, username, or URL You can click on the eye icon to view the password.

Switch between profiles 

  • The Google apk browser helps you switch between personal files easily, just as you can create more than one profile on Windows.
  •  you can also create more than one profile on Google Chrome with different settings and passwords.
  •  which helps family members or co-workers to use more than one profile and switch between them By clicking on the avatar in the top right.

View web pages on TV

google apk browser to search for information

Google browser provides the ability to send open tabs or the entire desktop to the Chromecast device through the use of a Wi-Fi network.

 Tand this feature is considered one of the best features of Google Chrome

  • Send pages between different devices 

You can send pages to other devices by right-clicking on the tab and selecting “Send to Your Devices.” A list will appear with all your devices that you are logged into in Google apk.

  • Use the built-in media controls 

If you're listening to music on YouTube and want to play or pause the song, you don't need to head to the tab itself.


 But Google apk  has built-in media controls where you can control the media in whatever tab you're on.

  • easy to use 

You can perform the process of searching for information or items quickly without the need for experience, as the interests are very easy to use and free of any complications at all.

  • Auto-update 

You will not need to manually update the program, but this step is done as soon as your phone is connected to the Internet, and therefore the browser will not stop. 

In conclusion, the features of the Google apk browser are many, so this browser has been able to take the lead among other competing applications.

The Google browser is well known, and you do not need to install packages, but it is already on your phone, so you can use it easily.

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