Google edu search console, the easiest way

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Google edu search console, the easiest way

Google edu search is a specialized search engine for academic institutions. It enables students and staff to find information more easily and efficiently. Google edu search also provides some unique features such as the ability to search for specific courses or programmes, Google Search Console is a free web service that enables you to monitor your website's performance in Google's search results. You can use it to submit your sitemap to Google, request indexing of new content and view your website's search traffic and performance data.

Google search console

Google Search Console is a free service that helps you monitor and maintain your site's in Google Search results.

You can use it to submit your sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling, checking for errors and tracking your search traffic.

It also allows you to request indexing of new content and can help you understand how Google crawls and indexes your site.

Google search by image

Google search by image

Google search by image is a feature of the Google search engine that allows users to search for images on the web using an image as their query instead of a text keyword.

This feature can be accessed by clicking on the "Images" tab on the Google search page.

When searching by image users can either upload an image from their own computer or enter the URL of an image on the web.

Google will then attempt to find other images similar to the one being searched for.

Google search history

When you search on Google with Web & App Activity turned on, Google saves the activity, such as your search history, to your Google account.

We use your saved activity in Google services to provide you with more personalized experiences, such as app and content recommendations.

In My Activity, you can:

     Delete the search history saved in your Google account.

     Manage search settings, like what activity Google saves and when Google automatically deletes your history

Perform a Reverse Image Search

Perform a Reverse Image Search

Google supports "image retrieval" search on most websites.

This function allows you to upload the image file and get information about that image.

For example, if you upload a picture of Tower Eiffel, Google will recognize and provide you with information about the Paris Monument.

It also works with faces, and can customize the web pages where the image appears, select an artist, or display images "similar in appearance".

     Go to Google Images


     drop the image into the search box.

You can also click on the camera icon to insert a photo or insert the image URL. (Here's how to do a photo retrieval on your phone.


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