Hardware Software and common problems

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 Hardware Software and common problems, Many of us while working on our computer, may have encountered problems, whether from the hardware or the operating system software, but what amazes us is the problems related to hardware and software, as they are more difficult to solve and require a professional technician to solve them, especially if these problems occur frequently for complex technical reasons.


 What are hardware Software problems?

What are hardware Software problems?

In case you didn't know, Hardware Software and common problems,

The first type refers to a physical defect in the operating components of the device,

Such as the burning of the power supply, scratching one of the hard disks Platters, breaking random memory,

 Damage to the processor and other direct damages

 Such problems are difficult for the user to fix on their own, but require technical intervention, and that is somewhat costly.

Hardware problems

Hardware problems

1- The screen smells like a devil, what is the reason?

A: Dust sometimes obstructs the connections between the high-voltage circuits inside the screen

2- The picture is suddenly flickering or deflated?

A: The problem is often the electrical interference. Separate the screen socket from any other device sockets installed in the same subscriber

3- The hard disk scribbles out loud?

A: Test the power cable connected to the hard disk if it is intact,

 I know that the hard disk drive is damaged, you must change the drive

4- The hard is ringing very loudly?

A: The read and write heads have penetrated the surface of the disk, the only solution is to buy a new hard disk drive

5- Does the device lose the correct time and date?

A: The CMOS battery is empty, replace it and reset the time, date, and disk equipment from the screen


Software problems

Software problems

Software problems and Android ROMs are a lot common, especially if you are a fan of installing modified ROMs,

So you may look for a solution to one of the problems that will be mentioned in the topic.

The problem of the phone freezing at the Android logo:

It is a common problem among Android users, and it can be solved easily, and it occurs as a result of installing a modified ROM on the original ROM,

The phone freezes at the phone logo and restarts itself over and over again.

The problem of entering the phone directly into recovery mode when it is turned on:

It also occurs after installing a modified or cooked ROM with defects or damage to the Android system

Trouble entering or booting the phone into Boot loader Mode or Fast boot Mode:

And it is one of the problems that make you lose your nerve already.

 Whatever you do through the phone, the problem will not be solved, as you will find the phone does not respond to you, and if you restart it,

You will find it returns to enter the boot loader mode.

In the end, Hardware Software and the most famous problems that it encounters are completely different

Due to the great difference between Hardware and Software and European, and therefore the methods of treating each of them differ.

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