How To Set Up Ok Google on S7

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How to set up ok google on S7? Voice commands seem to be the most popular trend in technology right now. If you're rocking a Galaxy S7, there's no better Assistant technology than Google's own built-in Android Assistant service. With the assistant, you can make phone calls and much more. And of course, you can do all this just by using the key phrase "OK Google" to start the service. Here's how to set up Ok Google on S7.

How To Set Up Ok Google on S7?

How To Set Up Ok Google on S7

Follow these instructions if you are looking for how to set up Ok Google on S7:

     Open Google app on your phone.

     Tap on the hamburger icon or three bars in the top left.

     Select Settings > Sound > "Ok Google" detection.

     Now you should enable "From Google search app" as well as "From any screen".

     Return (<-) to the Audio section and set the language to English (US).

     You will now be able to use the "Ok Google" voice command to perform any new search or action.

What are the best Ok Google features in Samsung S7?

What are the best Ok Google features in Samsung S7?

Now that we know how to set up Ok Google on S7, what are the features of Ok Google?

Voice commands are a useful way to access your device's functions.

It can be used to send text messages, make phone calls, and set alerts and reminders, among other things.

Although it is limited to basic functions, it still improves the experience of using your smartphone.

Problems while using Ok Google on S7

Problems while using Ok Google on S7

As with any other feature or service on your smartphone, there is a chance that you may encounter a problem while using the Ok Google feature.

It may stop working suddenly or fail to follow the instructions you give.

I have drawn some useful methods below to solve various problems that many customers have encountered while using the “OK Google”.

Voice command on their Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. Keep reading for more information.

What if you still can't set up or fix "Ok Google" on your phone?

If configuring the OK Google function on your Galaxy S7 does not fix the problem and voice commands are not recognized.

Make sure that your phone has a stable internet connection.

To make sure the internet is working properly on your smartphone, try browsing some websites or using an app.

If it is working properly and you can access websites or apps, contact Samsung Support for more information on how to fix the problem on your device.

Testing “OK Google”

After answering the question of how to set up Ok Google on S7, how do you make sure that the setup was successful?

Now that you've enabled and trained your voice with Google, you should be able to activate the Google Assistant from any display on your Galaxy S7.

To test this, press the home button to return to your home screen.

Without touching the screen, practice saying "OK Google", just as you did when setting up the voice command in the step before that.

What happens to make sure the test is successful?

Your phone should emit a small tone, a white border will surround the screen, and a prompt will rise from the bottom of the screen with a chat bubble interface.

If this works, you have successfully trained and enabled Google Assistant on your device.

You can also open the Google Assistant by pressing and holding the Home button on any screen.


That's it about how to set up Ok Google on S7! “Ok Google” will definitely work on S7. If you encounter any problems, you can follow the instructions we mentioned above.

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