How much money YouTubers make?

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With more than two billion daily users, YouTube is the best video platform in the world, and how much money YouTubers make, is the formula that has made the platform the first choice for anyone who wants to make money from making videos; Due to many factors, including the nature of the audience, its geographical location, video length, type of content, and industry, today we will know how much money YouTubers make.

How much money YouTubers make?

How much money YouTubers make?

Not all YouTubers make money, you have to build your subscriber base and views before you even think about making an income.

However, there are some users of the platform who are earning millions, in fact, Ryan Kaji, the highest earner since 2020 made about $29.5 million last year.

However, most channel owners earn less. The average channel with 1 million subscribers earns about $60,000 annually.

So how much money YouTubers make? In the next paragraph will find the answer.

Price per view on YouTube

Price per view on YouTube

How much money YouTubers make? There is no set price per view, Google usually pays between $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view, but some higher channels may earn up to $0.05.

Money YouTubers make also more for each view if you get subscribers to take a separate action like clicking an affiliate link or a service purchased from the ads shown in the video.

How much will you earn from a million views on YouTube?

How much will you earn from a million views on YouTube?

Usually, the money earned by YouTube users per million views in economically developed countries ranges between $2000 and $4,000, etc.

The payout rate varies greatly depending on the engagement, content type, and other revenue.

But for many channels in the field and in many countries, the money YouTubers make from one million views may not exceed $100, and sometimes the prices are lower.

YouTube earning terms

There are several ways to make money with YouTube business ideas, and each of them has different minimum requirements.

To make money with advertising revenue you must, follow Google AdSense program policies.

Create content that includes appropriate language and does not include any violence or adult themes, or anything that may offend advertisers, including hate speech against minorities and even different religions.

In addition to that, it takes hard work to reach 1 million views, you have to constantly market your channel and create recurring content that will attract the attention of your subscribers on YouTube.

Other conditions for earning from YouTube

You must have at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible to join the earning publishers, then there is the potential income from Super Chat and Super Stickers, and YouTube Premium subscription revenue is available to anyone on A channel that YouTube Premium subscribers watch.

Watch hours must be at least 4000 hours in the last 12 months and this is for broadcasting ads on videos.

You must have a minimum of 30,000 subscribers to access the channel membership feature.


Anyway we can say that the average YouTube profit per thousand views ranges between 30 cents and up to 3 dollars but of course, there are YouTube channels that earn less than 30 cents per thousand views, How much money YouTubers make more than 3 dollars per thousand views thousand views.

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