How to add more usb ports to pc

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 How to add more usb ports to pc, The majority of laptops sold today only have one or two USB ports. With so many USB devices on the market these days, you'll quickly run out of sockets. For example, I have a USB printer, a USB scanner, a USB Webcam, and a USB network connection on the PC I'm typing on right now. There is only one USB port on my machine. So how to add more usb ports to pc

How to add more usb ports to pc

How to add more usb ports to pc

Getting a USB hub is the first and most obvious solution.

You're probably already familiar with USB hubs, 

Which work similarly to power strips in that they divide a single outlet into multiple outlets.

However, especially with today's high-power USB peripherals and external storage devices, this isn't always the case.

While a USB hub should work with almost any device, a powered USB hub may be preferable.

How to add more usb ports to pc? We'll go over why you might want a powered USB hub over a basic non-powered USB hub, 

But in general, you'll want a powered hub if you have external storage or more than four devices connected at once.

A non-powered hub like this one might suffice if you only need a few extra USB ports for low-power applications.

  • A USB Expansion Card can be used (Desktop PCs Only)

  • A USB Expansion Card can be used (Desktop PCs Only)

You might be in luck if you don't want to drag about an extra hunk of electronics but yet need more USB ports on your PC.

You may use a USB expansion card like this to increase the number of powered USB ports on your PC, 

Without having to utilize a hub if you have an unused PCI Express expansion slot.

Unfortunately, this option will not work with a laptop, and compatibility with HTPC and Mini ITX designs may be an issue.

This is an excellent choice if you're utilizing a Mid Tower or bigger case with a Micro ATX or larger motherboard to match.

Many USB expansion cards, on the other hand, 

Will require you to connect SATA power to them inside your case, so be sure you remember to do so!

Is It Necessary To Use A Powered USB Hub?

Is It Necessary To Use A Powered USB Hub?

If the devices you're connecting demand electricity (for example, high-end keyboards, game controllers, external storage), 

A powered Hub may be preferable over a non-powered Hub.

While this diminishes the convenience factor provided by a USB hub in some circumstances, 

Individual USB ports can only provide so much power.

Because of the absence of raw power, a non-powered USB hub will have more troubles with random disconnects and other issues, 

Especially if you want 5+ USB ports on a hub.

Smaller (4 ports or less) hubs with less-powerful devices (non-backlit kb/m) can function, 

But we would recommend a powered USB hub in most cases.

If you're only connecting in a single or two more devices and are convinced that they don't demand a lot of power, 

A non-powered USB hub will suffice.

However, I would recommend a powered USB hub to the vast majority of users, particularly professionals and gamers.

In the end, how to add more usb ports to pc, instead of an expansion card, we propose utilizing a powered USB hub with small form factor (SFF) PCs. Even though you CAN, that doesn't imply you should, especially if you just have a few expansion slots to work with.

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