How to block Wi-Fi signal?

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Today, in this article, we will talk about how to block Wi-Fi signal, the spread of many mobile programs that hack the Wi-Fi network, as well as the increase in children’s use of the Internet most of the time, this has led to the weakness of the Wi-Fi network, and in the next lines we will explain some ways to maintain a package you will also learn how to block Wi-Fi signal.

Learn how to block Wi-Fi signal

Learn how to block Wi-Fi signal

You can block the Wi-Fi network by limiting the extent of the Wi-Fi network so that it protects your network from external intrusion.

As some internet devices allow the user to determine the extent of the internet signal, so that it does not exceed the limits of the user's location.

You can limit the range of the Wi-Fi network through the TX power tool.

Where you can reduce the value that will appear to you in the TX power tool.

Thus, we have learned how to block Wi-Fisignal.

How to change the password for the Internet device?

How to change the password for the Internet device?

As we learned about how to block Wi-Fisignals, we will now learn how to change the password.

It is known that anyone can access the router settings through the IP address.

In addition, the user name is always the word admin, as well as the password.

Therefore, you must change the password and user name through the settings of the Internet device.

This step prevents hacking of the Wi-Fi network by others.

You can filter MAC addresses

You can filter MAC addresses

Each device has its own MAC address.

And no two devices can be alike.

Through the MAC address, you can remove devices that penetrate your Wi-Fi network.

This is done through the following steps.

·         Go to the router settings.

·         Click on the DHCP option.

·         It will show you a list of all the MAC addresses that are using your Wi-Fi network.

·         Remove the MAC addresses of hacked devices from your Wi-Fi network.

Hide your Wi-Fi network

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about blockingWi-Fi signal

And now we will show the last option that will enable you to prevent your Wi-Fi network from appearing by hiding the name of the network.

Let's find out how we can hide the name of the Wi-Fi network.

Go to the internet settings.

Click on the wireless option.

Select the option to hide the SSID or disable this feature.

Thus, they will not be able to hack your network.

How to keep your Wi-Fi signal constantly protected?

In order to prevent the penetration of your network and maintain your privacy.

Use these methods continuously, for example, every month.

You must change the password for your Wi-Fi network.

Make sure that your network is still hidden so as not to be hacked.

Check mac addresses on a regular basis monthly as well and remove unfamiliar ones.

Thus, we have finished today's article and have shown how to block Wi-Fi signal.


In this article, we have shown how to block Wi-Fi signal and what are the ways to prevent internet penetration, as hacking a Wi-Fi network leads to the internet package running out and your data at risk.

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