Step by step on how to block wireless signal

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 Most of the population uses the Internet daily, and most of them rely on Wi-Fi networks. But many people are looking for foolproof ways how to block wireless signals from these internet snoopers. So, it has become common for one of us to notice a breach in his network. That appears to him through sudden internet weakness or frequent interruptions at times. For such reason, you need to learn how to block wireless signals.

The best way how to block wireless signal

Step by step on how to block wireless signal

Block connected devices

Block connected devices

You have to block strangers from the Wi-Fi network based on the specific device that is connected first.

You will need to open your Internet browser and enter in the address bar and press the search button.

A new window will open asking to enter the appropriate username and password to log into the router settings.

You can get these settings from the panel at the bottom of the router. Usually, the username and password are admin.

Steps on how to block wireless signal

Steps on how to block wireless signal

·         You will be directed to your router's settings. You will see a list of options on one side of the window. Choose from the advanced menu.

·         Go to the MAC Network Filter, and choose Turn MAC Address On and Turn MAC On.

·         Now, type in the MAC address (physical address) of the device you want to block from connecting to your network. 

·         If you don't know the physical address.

·         All devices you entered will be blocked.

Router Blacklist

Going through the constant process of searching for strange devices is exhausted. Instead, some routers allow users to block signals from the WIFI network by marking unknown devices. Devices in the control panel. This is an effective direct method on how to block wireless signals.

Use of computer software

You can also resort to computer programs to block devices from your network, there is no need to complicate things. Especially if you are afraid to enter the settings and doing something wrong may damage network settings.

The most popular of this software that satisfies users is NetCut.

It enables you to block the list of devices that you want to prevent from using your network. So choose the right software and use this article on how to block wireless signals carefully.

Use mobile applications

way from the complicated ways on how to block wireless signal from others. You can resort to the easiest and most practical method without having to search the set of settings options frequently.

This method is to use mobile apps that have proven to be quite effective in doing their job. These applications allow you to do a variety of tasks, such as preventing strangers and devices from connecting to the network.


Follow the guide on how to block wireless signals and enjoy internet surfing without the need to add any financial cost to your accounts and bills spreadsheets.

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