Guide Of How To Build Electric Go Kart

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How to build electric go kart How to convert a gas powered go kart to an electric one is shown in this Instructable, So excited to finally share this creation with you guys! The Most difficult element of this endeavour was finding all the pieces and overcoming obstacles, With the current sprocket setup, this go kart can reach speeds of roughly 50kph!, Let's Get this project going on how to build electric go kart.

How to build electric go kart - Buy an Old Go Kart

Guide Of How To Build Electric Go Kart

The first step of How to Build Electric Go Kart

While I was looking through Kijiji when I came across a rusted old go kart for $60! This Go kart was in poor condition and didn't run at all.

All that counted was that it had a large number of the components I needed to complete this project.

I'd been wanting to construct an electrical go kart for quite some period, and this was the perfect occasion to do it.

Restoring The Frame

Guide Of How To Build Electric Go Kart

Step 2 of How to build Electric Go Kart I spent hours fixing the frame and original parts. I started with the go kart.

Ripped paint and corroded frames. I planned to sand the frame back to bare metal before painting it.

"My Feet wouldn't fit after removing the rust. It took half the frame and 5 inches ".

Then I repainted the frame and repaired the go kart. I used Rustoleum oil-based paint in vivid orange.

How It Works

The pieces I used and how they operate is the third step to build electric go kart:

       1660W 48V brushless.

       A 1600W 48V dc speed With battery indicator and speed restriction switch.

       A three-pole charging port.

       A switch.

       A 48V 12AH lead acid battery.

       I preferred lithium ion, but it would have been considerably more costly.

You can realize a schematic I produced showing how I connected everything together.

It has a motor and a speed controller.

All these components are available on Aliexpress.


Guide Of How To Build Electric Go Kart

The final step of how to build electric go kart

"Shave And discover new. I took apart my neighbor's wheels. Princess Auto weld on bearing-filled hubs.

All wires were Molex. Fasten your seatbelts! Control 6 X 3 feet "BXH One side of the project box is flexible.

It's across the project box. Box with key switch and battery indication. Heat-shrink tubing avoids shorts

The motor and axle have 12. Princess auto T8 sprocket I started the engine and used a flap disc to hold the old sprocket. So weld it.


How to build electric go kart was a lot of fun! Features May be added, a chain guard is a need, Maintaining a light go kart is another important consideration, Increased efficiency.

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