How to clean CPU fan in the easiest ways?

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 How to clean CPU fan, If you want to know the habits of computer users, check their CPU, Unless they use their computer in moderation, the fan will collect more dust, dirt, hair, and other nasty debris than any other part of the system, to prevent problems with the fan and other parts of your CPU, clean the fan regularly, and in this article we will show you how to clean CPU fan easily.

How to clean CPU fan in  the first step

How to clean CPU fan in the easiest ways?

The first step that you need to learn about how to clean CPU fan, is a simple step that requires you to do some commands, as you must first disconnect the computer.

Move the CPU to a safe place with plenty of space to work.

Clean dust from air vents and CD players, that You can buy a mini vacuum cleaner online.

Then remove the back of the case and vacuum the air inside, being careful to avoid small connectors and phrases.

The second step to clean the CPU fan

As for the second step in the process of learning how to clean the CPU fan, you should spray compressed air to disperse dust on the CPU fan and power supply fan.

You will also need to remove dust from the heat sink under the fan.

Spray compressed air (sometimes called a dust and lint remover) to get the dust off the grills.

Use a pen to keep the fan blades stationary before spraying the compressed air.

The third step

How to clean CPU fan in the easiest ways?

When you learn how to clean CPU fan, you have to apply all the straightforward steps on your computer.

In the third step, you should improve the performance of the computer fan.

You can do this by moving it to a cooler area in your home or office.

A hot fan exacerbates dust, dirt, and hair problems in grills.

So you have to be careful and clean this part of your computer constantly.

Fourth step in CPU fan cleaning process

Now we arrived at the fourth step in clarifying special steps in how to clean CPU fan.

This line is to perform the disposal of dust, hair and other waste from the rest of the computers.

Clean around mouse, cables and headphones to keep your computer running smoothly and prevent problems with the fan.

This step is applied directly to your computer to discover the accuracy of this process yourself.

The last step in cleaning the CPU fan

How to clean CPU fan in the easiest ways?

The final step to cleaning this part of your computer is to check the fan and the area around it after the initial cleaning.

Wipe with a cloth or cotton swab to remove bits of dust from the blades.

You may need to use a pair of tweezers to remove a long piece of hair or other debris.

Double-check that your computer is turned off before doing this,so you’re done with your computer CPU fan cleaning process.


These are the right five steps that you can apply on your device to help you learn how to clean CPU fan on your own without having to seek help from professionals in this field.

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