How to earn from blogging in 2022

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 Some would like to start a blog and make some income online. Others, to escape the usual traffic jams for work, expand their online business, quit a 9 to 5 job, etc. So you look for how to earn from blogging on Google. One related search result that Google suggested is "can you blog for money." This shows that many questionable searchers have no idea how to earn from blogging. Google's suggestions are based on how often keyword phrases are searched.

Hiden ways on how to earn from blogging

How to earn from blogging in 2022

Paid Reviews

Paid Reviews


This is about writing paid reviews of other people's products and services. Thousands of the advertisers want to review their products or services on popular blogs.

They pay a hundreds of dollars or even a thousand for a single review.

This way, they sell their products to your readers. A positive full review can bring you a lifetime income from your blog. But it would better if you were careful not to post any misleading reviews. A review of a wrong product can ruin your reputation.

Donate button

Donate button


This is one of the best ways how to earn from blogging. You can put PayPal or any donation button on blog and ask your readers to donate if they like your content. People who get the benefits of your content are more likely to donate.

If you don’t use any other ways to earn, you cannot hesitate to use the "donate" button. Even one of the most extensive websites, Wikipedia, makes money from just donating.

Website Flipping

Site flipping is just buying and selling websites to make money. In most cases, people create blogs on their own and are famous for a while after sell them. The bigger a website gets. the more chances it will sell double times its monthly income.

There are many websites like Flippa, WebsiteBroker, and where you can put your blog up for auction. This is one of the most significant ways how to earn from blogging. 

Pay per click websites

Many websites like AdSense pay per click to display their ads on your blog. Some pay better than AdSense, and many people make money with these pay-per-click sites.

Some popular sites are Chitika, Infolinks, Adbrite, Yahoo Publisher Network, Kontera, and others. These are effective ways how to earn from blogging.

Amazon associate

The Amazon associate program is one of the best programs to make money. Millions of people worldwide are getting paid through the Amazon Affiliate Program. They display a hot Amazon product for sale in the blog sidebar.

You can also use some good plugins that can rotate products on each visit to get the most out of it.


Many bloggers had enough resources to start a blog and make money. But they fail - because they also have more excuses to delay their plans. I can only show you how to earn from blogging and remove some obstacles along the way. 

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