How to earn google ads step by step

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How to earn google ads step by step

How to earn google ads, By linking your search engine to your Google AdSense account, you can earn money from it. AdSense is a free application that allows you to show relevant Google advertising on the result pages quickly and easily. You get a cut of the ad revenue when consumers hit on an ad in the search results. So how to earn google ads? just keep reading to know:

How to earn google ads

If your blog now has 100,000 monthly visitors, that equates to almost one million visitors each year.

Consider how this relates to ad income potential:

You have 100,000 ad clicks to work with (views).

Your ad's click-through rate (CTR) is 1 percent, which is standard.

One percent of a million equals 1,000.

You make $10 if the advertiser's CPC is $0.01.

If the ad's CPC is $1.00, you'll make $1,000.

Income Maximization

How to earn google ads? There are various ways to improve your revenue, 

Whether you need to make money from an existing blog or website or start a blog just for the goal of earning AdSense money:

Maximize the keywords in your text 

Maximize the keywords in your text

Use search engine rankings (SEO) authoring.

More writing is required. 

So the more you write about the topic, the more keywords Google will find and use to serve adverts.

Write frequently. It is more about having more things, and the better the stuff is, the fresher it is.

Post stuff that is both valuable and accurate. 

It's difficult to read stuff that's full of keywords, and it won't keep people coming back. 

You need the site to be sticky so that it attracts visitors.


Make a niche for yourself. 

How to earn google ads? It's OK to discuss football, but tens of thousands of people do it every day.

Another story revolves around film score collections, which is a less well-known subject.

Don't send too much nasty traffic your way. 

It's easier than you might think to generate a lot of visitors, but if that traffic isn't qualified and visitors aren't there to view your material, 

It'll be a waste of time. It also has an impact on your CTR.

Utilize Google Analytics. Google offers free tools to assist you in determining the profitability of your website.

Advertisements from Competitors

Advertisements from Competitors

How to earn google ads? When you first start to run ads on your website, one of the most difficult difficulties you'll face is competition. 

Depending on the type of site that run, you may notice that adverts, 

Beginning to appear that are clearly competing with what you're offering or delivering.

For example, if you've got a site devoted to dropping shipping a specific product, such as Disney toys or Christmas decorations, 

Users may be diverted away from your site by advertisements for those things.

All in all, How to earn google ads? In fact, There are a variety of ways to make money from a website, including AdSense and so many other revenue streams.

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