How to earn money from YouTube?

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How to earn money from YouTube? the average monetization on YouTube is from 0.5 to $2 per 1000 YouTube views depending on where the viewers are and the target audience, these numbers vary a lot, but most channels get an average of 0.5 US dollars per 1000 views, but the idea of earning is not questionable at all and anyone can do it but the only question is how to earn money from YouTube?

How to earn money from YouTube?

How to earn money from YouTube?

Some people earn thousands of dollars in a short time, and you in turn can start earning money quickly.

Especially if you have a large subscriber base.

Follow this guide to learn how to earn money from YouTube with ads shown in videos you upload to YouTube.

Search social media for groups or pages that talk about ideas that are identical or similar to your channel's idea.

How to earn money from YouTube? 

How to earn money from YouTube?

1.  YouTube advertising revenue

1.    YouTube advertising revenue


This is among the most effective ways to make money from YouTube by sharing videos on this platform.

All you have to do is become a YouTube partner and run ads before (or during) the videos on your channel.

 For a lot of YouTube users, this has proven to be a very lucrative source of income.

2.  Innovation plays a key role in your profit from YouTube

f you want to communicate a typical and repeating topic across several channels and implement it in a traditional way.

You must rely on originality and innovation in your films if you want to make a lot of money on YouTube.

3.  Crowdfunding

It is possible to generate regular or project-based income with YouTube crowdfunding.

A lot depends on what your channel is about and what crowdfunding donors get in return.

For example, you can use crowdfunding money to improve the value of production or do special themes.

YouTube channel owners usually offer different rewards based on the level of contribution.

4.  Benefit from the experiences of others

One of the most important advantages of following competitors is that it gives you new ideas that benefit you in your activity.

Monitoring competitors is one of the most important reasons for success.

Avoid falling into the trap of imitating others and make yourself a special identity, thought, and style.

And always give your YouTube channel a brand that makes it stand out from other channels that offer the same content.


In the end, how to earn money from YouTube, with over 1 billion users, 1 billion hours watched daily, and over 400 hours of video uploads every minute,

YouTube is an excellent way to make money every day with your videos.

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