How to fix a power surge on USB

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 How to fix a power surge on USB can be easier for your device. Like any other port, USB ports also come with a power rating. Sometimes, Windows may show a warning or an error message - the USB port has too much power. It happens when the connected device tries to draw more power. Don't worry since we offer you four easy ways in this How to fix a power surge on USB on Windows 10/8/7 power overload.

fix a power surge on USB

How to fix a power surge on USB

The following methods are sufficient to fix USB port power surge errors.

Run the Hardware and USB Troubleshooter

Run the Hardware and USB Troubleshooter


There is a chance that the hardware troubleshooter will fix the problem automatically. You can try it and check if this error message does not appear again after any issues are detected and corrected. 

You can also run the USB Troubleshooter to help you how to fix a power surge.

How to fix a power surge by uninstalling or undoing USB drivers


How to fix a power surge by uninstalling or undoing USB drivers

You either need to update the driver or roll it back. If you just updated any driver and the problem started, you need to roll back the driver. If you haven't, updating this device driver to the latest version might help.

So The drivers you need to work with are those under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers option.

You can also uninstall the driver and then search the web or use Windows Updates and download driver updated version.

Use a USB hub

If the error occurs with a specific device, it is possible that the device needs more voltage. Try using the same device on another computer. If you get the same error, it is better to use the USB HUB that came with its power supply. 

It comes with high-speed charging ports, which should be able to provide the power needed for the device. It's an effective way how to fix a power surge on USB.

Run OEM Diagnostics

If you use a branded desktop or laptop computer, the OEM must have software included. Run this diagnostic software and use the suggestion to solve the problem. 

Sometimes, the problem will be fixed automatically. If nothing works, under Windows 10 General USB Settings, uncheck "Notify me if there are any problems connecting USB devices." No more warnings.

What Causes USB Power Surges?

USB Port Power Overload - An unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. The USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded its hub port's power limits. You must disconnect the device.

How do I reinstall the USB drivers?

Right-click on one device at a time and click Uninstall device. Click Uninstall to confirm. 

After uninstalling all device drivers under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, restart your computer to implement the changes fully. Then Windows installs the appropriate USB drivers.


Power surges are sudden spikes of electricity; there is no fix. However, there is a way how to fix a power surge on USB. Also, there are some doings you should complete after the surge occurs.

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