How to get photos from google drive?

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 Before we know how to get photos from google drive, we must know what Google Drive is first, that the google drive service is a service provided by Google to be used in storage, through which files can be stored and modified It also provides security for your files, as it only allows the owner to access the files, and it also has an OCR feature, which is to identify files through scanning, and we will now display information about google drive as well as how to get photos from google drive.

Learn how to get photos from google drive

How to get photos from google drive?

It is easy to know how to get photos from google drive

Make sure of the following:

·         Ensure that the images are larger than 256 pixels.

·         Make sure the image type is suitable.

Now let's learn how to get photos from google drive and upload them to a Google account

·         On your computer, go to

·         Click on download google drive at the top left of the page.

·         Search for the photo, then click on the photo.

·         Click on the option to upload photos.

Recover and find files

Recover and find files

In the event that you stored files in google drive and then searched for them and did not find them, follow these tips to find and recover them again:

·         Go to the recycle bin and then click on google drive.

·         Click on the file you want to restore again.

·         Click on the option to restore the file.

·         Go to the google drive website.

·         Click on the My files option

·         Then click on the information option and browse for the file.

Information about google drive

Information about google drive

Google created the google drive service in 2012, where this service can be defined as an Internet service that stores files.

The operating system of google drive is the web system, It was programmed through the programming language Python.

The google drive service, files, photos, etc. are stored, through which you can edit and upload photos via the Internet.

Regardless of the type of device you use, as it supports Android devices as well as iPhones and computers as well.

Google Drive tips and tricks

Google Drive is chock-full of user-friendly features and tools, and it will take some time to figure out which ones are ideal for your requirements.

It supports many different file types but if you want to edit files in Google Drive, you will need to convert them to the Google Drive format.

Google Drive is designed to interact with hundreds of third-party apps that allow you to divide and combine PDFs.

So how to get photos from google drive is very easy to learn


In this article, we learned about how to get photos from google drive, what steps must be followed to upload photos, and we learned about what is google drive service and that it provides security in the process of storing files and only allows the owner to access them, what you provide to users.

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