How to liquid cool a gpu, discover it now

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How to liquid cool a gpu, It's possible you don't recognize it, but your video card is the most powerful component in your computer. High-performance GPUs can generate two to three times the amount of heat that a high-end CPU can. This usually equates to a level of fan noise that will drive you insane when gaming. So how to liquid cool a gpu?


How to liquid cool a gpu

How to liquid cool a gpu

How to liquid cool a gpu

The best part is that there is an easier way—and it doesn't require Mario-level plumbing expertise.

You can water-cool your two-year-old GPU swiftly and quite cheaply if you've finally built up the nerve to risk damaging it.

You can save money by using off-the-shelf, closed-loop liquid coolers instead of specialized liquid cooling.

NZXT, for example, has a G10 universal bracket adapter that you can use with its closed-loop, and Arctic has a GPU cooling kit.

Corsair, like NZXT, provides a bracket for its coolers.

I'll be utilizing Corsair's Hydro Series HG10 A1 for today's tutorial.

It's a $35 metal mount that may be used with a variety of Corsair coolers.


How to liquid cool a gpu? The HG10 A1 bracket appears to be based on Corsair's green ideology.

The idea is that once you've replaced your CPU to a newer cooler (Corsair, of course),

You can just use the old one with the HG10 A1 on your GPU.

Unlike some designs that attempt to be universal, Corsair's HG10 A1 is tailored to a select popular GPUs that adhere to the factory reference design.

GPUs from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and others that have been heavily changed will not work because they often use bespoke designs.

Remove the 12 big Phillips-head screws around the perimeter of a Radeon R9 290 to remove the standard cooler.

Then unscrew the four tiny screws that hold the tensioner in place.

Instead of placing screws on your work area, which will roll away without a trace, we recommend using a light-colored coffee mug or cup to contain them.

After you've removed all of these screws, carefully detach the PCB from the cooler assembly, applying light pressure to loosen the thermal paste.

Don't try to force it. Check to see if you forgot a screw if you can't separate the two.


Remove the shroud from the fan.

How to liquid cool a gpu

You'll also need to remove the plastic fan shroud

 from the cooler assembly once it's been removed from the PCB.

This is necessary since Corsair prefers that you keep the stock fan. Another smidgeon of green?

Isn't it true that the fan would otherwise end up in the E-waste bin?

To do so, unscrew the small black screws that run around the perimeter of the fan shroud, There should be six in total.


Attach the bracket in place.

You can now attach the bracket to the PCB of the GPU.

Make sure the protective plastic from the bracket's thermal pads is removed first.

These pads make contact with the card's RAM and voltage regulating chips, wicking heat away from the metal frame.

Simply place the cold plate or water block on top of the GPU at this point.

In the end, through the previous lines, you can find the answer to your question: how to liquid cool a gpu? we hope that may help you to do.

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