How to make money through google ads

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How to make money through google ads, You've probably heard of Google AdSense. It's one of the most widely used ad systems, allowing publishers to profit from the display of programmatic adverts. We discussed which payment types are offered in Google AdSense in a previous blog post. Today, we'll go over everything that you need to know about Google AdSense before you start generating money with it. So how to make money through google ads?

Here’s how to make money through google ads

How to make money through google ads

To begin, you must first register a Google AdSense account.

Then, all you have to do is add a short piece of code to your website, and you're done.

Users will see Google's programmatic adverts on your website afterward.

Advertisers who wish to promote the design of their products and pay for the advertising.

The amount you make will vary because these ads pay varying prices for different adverts."

Types of AdSense Ads

How to make money through google ads? Google AdSense offers a variety of ad kinds.

By default, all ad components are responsive, meaning they adapt to multiple screen resolutions and devices.

Advertisements that appear on the screen

Advertisements that appear on the screen

Standard advertising that can incorporate text, graphics, and video is known as display ads.

While these ads are responsive by design, the publication would choose a fixed-size ad unit.

They can also be used with AMP pages.

Ads that appear in the feed

Ads that appear in the feed

How to make money through google ads? Native advertisements that show inside a feed (for example, a number of articles)

And have the same look and feel as your website are known as in-feed ads.

They blend in well with the content and improve the user experience.

Furthermore, in-feed advertisements are:

ideal for publishers with editorial/product listings; good for monetizing advertisement message inventory; extremely customizable.

Ads within articles

How to make money through google ads? Native advertising that shows between sentences and paragraphs on your sites is known as in-article ads.

They are tailored to operate well throughout all article pages and do not interrupt consumers' normal reading flow.

The following are examples of in-article advertisements:

Superior for the user experience than traditional display advertisements; ideal for mobile; useful for long-form website content.

Content that is matched

Matched content in Google AdSense is basically a content - based recommendation engine with the ability to insert adverts.

It enables publishers to advertise additional relevant pages on the website to their readers.

Only websites with enough population and a certain number of distinct pages can use matched content (number based on the website).

Custom search advertisements from AdSense

You can create a unique Google search and show adverts within search results if your website has a lot of information.

You are compensated if users search for anything on your site and interact with the ad.

In addition, you can change the color scheme or exclude specific websites from the search results page.

To sum up, How to make money through google ads? When it comes to producing a lot of money with Google AdSense, there are no easy cures. You must test advertisements and formats on a regular basis, optimize your website, and, very importantly, provide high-quality content.

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