How to print cd lables or even DVD ones

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 How to print cd lables? Do you ever burn CDs and set them aside to be labeled later? I'm confident we can all answer yes to this question. The most common reason for not printing a label right immediately is that we believe it would be a time-consuming and costly activity. That isn't always the case. We'll use the Sure Thing CD/DVD Labeler from Micro Vision Development to create professional-looking CD and DVD labels without having to spend a lot of money on specialized equipment.

How to print cd lables?

How to print cd lables or even DVD ones


If you have CD/DVD discs that include your favorite music, downloaded movies, images, memories, or other priceless moments, 

You may create CD labels for them to give them a more appealing appearance. 

Your own CD label design will set it apart from other discs.

If you follow our instructions, you'll obtain the following result:

Using the Sure Thing CD Labeler to Create Your Label

Using the Sure Thing CD Labeler to Create Your Label


1. Open the Sure Thing application by clicking the Sure Thing icon and selecting New Design to launch the New Design Wizard.

2. Select CD/DVD Labels from the Product Types list in the New Design Wizard. 

Select the label type you want to use from the Labels Product list.

As you select the label, a preview of it appears. Next should be selected.

3. Select the sort of label you want to print in the Smart Designs screen. From the drop-down menu, choose CD Face. 

How to print cd lables? To choose from a range of backgrounds, go to Browse Backgrounds. Next should be selected.

4. Select Go straight to the Label Designer to add text to the label; click Finish to return to the Design screen.

5. Create the main material of the CD/DVD label in the Text box. To enter your text, choose Create Text Frame. 

Select a form, font, and color for your text that complements the background by clicking Text Effect. 

Click Finish when you're finished with your design.

6. Follow the instructions on the label to place your label in the printer's paper feed. 

It's a good idea to print on a blank sheet first to double-check the layout and colors.

Printing Your Labels

Printing Your Labels


1. Select Print from the File menu to open the SureThing when you're ready to print your creation.

The print dialogue box appears.

2. The software only prints one label by default. The label to be printed in cyan is shown in the Sample window.

Select the number of labels to print using the up/down arrows.

3. The default printer for your labels is displayed when you select Printer. 

If you want to use a different printer, select one from the list by clicking the down arrow.

4. The current paper feed is displayed in Paper Source. To change the source, use the down arrow.

5. The Printer Properties dialogue box is opened by using the Option button.

6. From the drop-down list, choose the appropriate Media Type–for example, Matte or Glossy.

7. To return to the Print dialogue box, click OK after you've applied all of the proper changes.


Putting the Label on

1. Peel the sheet away from the label by turning it upside down and slowly peeling it away from the label.

2. Place the label on the CD or DVD with care. Some software includes a label applicator for applying the label to the CD or DVD.

Finally, How to print cd lables? Note, to exit the Print dialogue box and begin printing your label, click OK once more.

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