How to refurbish laptop:know the tips

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How to refurbish laptop, That question will get on your mind while you may have bought a fast and new laptop a couple of years ago, of course your laptop doesn't stay the same by the time, it starts lagging, slowing down, and heats much faster, That's the reason people chose to rebuild and upgrade it, If you want to know if it's worth refurbishing your laptop, check out the following article to get known how to refurbish laptop.

How to refurbish laptop, Can You Refurbish an Old Laptop?

How to refurbish laptop:know the tips


You can refurbish an old laptop with some upgrades. However, this factor depends on your laptop.

·         Some laptops might not need a lot of fixes to refurbish, just cleaning hardware, bumping up RAM, or replacing old battery with a new one.

·         Some laptops either require more fixes than usual, like broken screens, or damaged motherboards.

Before your decision, it's better to take your laptop to a reliable computer repair shop and ask him how to refurbish laptop depend on your laptop’s condition.

How Much Does it Cost to Refurbish a Laptop?

How Much Does it Cost to Refurbish a Laptop?


The total cost of refurbishing your laptop varies from one device to another; we have a list for the average range of the most common repairs to put it in your consideration in how to refurbish laptop:

·         Software: $40 to $150.

·         Liquid Damage: $100 to $250.

·         SSD Upgrade: $150 to $400.

·         Hard Drive Replacement: $100 to $250.

·         Motherboard: $150 to $300.

·         Fan: $99 to $175.

·         RAM Upgrade: $50 to $200.

·         Removing Viruses: $50 to $100.

·         Screen Replacement: $125 to $225.

Refurbishing or Purchasing

Refurbishing or Purchasing

The minor problems are easier and cheaper to fix, we can't say the same for rusting motherboards and broken laptops, in the following factors will help in making your decision.

·         Check total cost of repairs from a nearby computer repair shop.

·         You have to know the main problem in your laptop.

·         It's essential to consider the age of your laptop.

·         Check your laptop warranty still or expired, in case of expired look for extending it with marginal fees.

How to refurbish laptop and rebuild

If your laptop got slow performance over the years, the following instructions will help you in how to refurbish laptop by yourself.

However, make sure to follow the instructions step by step.

·         Cleaning Exterior and Interior, the outside of your laptop thoroughly, use compressed air to clean outside and inside as the interior sides are worse.

·         Clean out the vents on the back, sides, and bottom of laptop, this step improves the airflow.

·         If your laptop lagging and takes time. Upgrade your RAM.

Fixing Broken Parts

Here are a couple of common problems you may encounter with your laptop.

·         Track pads, can get damaged with frequent use, while you can use an external Bluetooth mouse

·         Laptop Screen, if you're inexperienced in replacing sensitive parts, it's better to contact a reliable computer repair shop to fix your screen to avoid damage to your laptop.

·         Reinstall Your Operating System, In this case, it will get rid of all the problems and leave you with a fresh and clean laptop.


Therefore, we’ve come to the end of our article in which we showed you the following instructions to learn about how to refurbish a laptop.

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