How to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop

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How to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop? – we all agree that games are our favorite pastime and we love to play on our devices. We learn a lot from these games and it helps to improve our thinking strategically. But there is one problem when our regular laptop or desktop computer won't and gives playable frame rate. So follow us to learn how to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop.

Tips to how to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop

How to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop

Follow these steps to know about gaming

Adjust Battery Mode

Adjust Battery Mode

The first tip on how to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop is to set battery mode to high performance.

If your laptop is in battery saver, your game will run and slow down as it will crash background apps.

This will probably help your game run smoother and with better FPS.

While this may not affect performance, it can be a good way to run games smoothly on a regular laptop.

Choose Best Performance

Choose Best Performance


This is one of the ways to speed up your laptop and improve your gaming experience.

It works differently than the Windows operating system on your device. On Windows 10, go to the search box on the taskbar, type performance, and select customize appearance.

This will take you to Windows performance, select the best performance and click apply. Now just reboot your device and turn your regular laptop into a gaming one.

Stop Unnecessary Programs

Our laptops are limited in their ability to run programs that typically rely on processors and RAM.

Basically, a lot of programs are running that make it difficult for the processor to adjust accordingly.

You should always close unnecessary programs and apply how to turn my laptop into a gaming laptop to run games smoothly.

However, many programs continue to run even after they are closed or restarted after starting the computer.

Lower Games Settings

Make all these changes and upgrades to your laptop's hardware and installing new software and drivers.

In addition, you can fine-tune the game's settings and keep it running smoothly.

You can customize the gaming settings according to your laptop specifications and it will definitely help you enjoy great games.

This also will turn your laptop into a gaming laptop.

All you have to do is open the game and select graphics settings and turn off extra effects like shadows.

Upgrade Software and Drivers

Finally, yet importantly, try updating your device to the fullest.

Mostly laptops are most likely not updated, but they can be updated.

You can upgrade the video memory and hard drive and this can be very.

You can also update your software and graphics driver to make your gaming experience amazing. 

Applying strategy of how to turn a laptop into a gaming laptop is possible.

However, it is not possible to change certain components such as RAM, GPU, processors and everything else.

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