Let's discover apk PUBG mobile lite

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Let's discover apk PUBG mobile lite

Apk PUBG mobile lite is a new version of the PUBG game, it does not compete with its capabilities PUBG Mobile, as it lacks many of the features in the original copy, but despite that, it gives the player a unique experience and some of its features make it easy to play for beginners For relatively modest and weak use systems, it also works easily and smoothly on all types of computers, it was designed with a small map in the official version. So let’s discover Apk PUBG mobile lite.

Features of Apk PUBG mobile lite

Availability of the Arabic language & add a Middle East Server.

The hardcore mod has been cancelled. due to the lack of interest in it.

Can reduce grass on all maps.

It is not currently available on iOS devices.Apk PUBG mobile lite was developed using Unreal Engine 4.

The download size of this game is maybe 500 MB but it is compatible with Android devices only.

The game Requirements

The game Requirements

Apk PUBG mobile lite will run smoothly even on devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

Should be have at least 500MB of internal storage available and From 1GB of RAM to


This game can be downloaded & played on all Android devices , Its not available to play on IOS devices yet.

The game is supported in thirteen languages, the most important of which are English, Turkish, German and Arabic.

PUBG mobile lite is characterized as one of the free games that do not need to pay fees while downloading.

Differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

     Game requirements and app size were different.

     In terms of game modes and maps.

     In terms of gameplay and user experience.

In fact, PUBG mobile lite is a mixture between the Steam version and the Mobile version, but it is not a good mixture.
As the game uses the graphics from the smartphone game, which explains the reason for its minimum requirements.
The Steam version is used in the design of the user interface & game control mechanisms, which includes the recoil of weapons when shooting.

migrating from Mobile or Steam to Lite

migrating from Mobile or Steam to Lite

Another point is the recoil of the weapons, unfortunately controlling the weapons in the Steam version is very difficult and violent.
Unlike the Mobile game, where the control is basically non-existent due to the strong stability of the weapons in the mobile version.
In the PUBG mobile lite version the weapon control stems from the Steam version.
Which is something that Many people will not like because the Steam version is one of the most difficult shooting games and dealing with weapons in it.
It really needs strong training ,In addition to the presence of a large Mouse Pad to help ease the control process
Apk PUBG mobile lite is in the beta stage, that is, it will respond to the requirements of the players if they find it difficult to control.


Apk PUBG mobile lite includes a limited number of options & it comes with graphics with a lower resolution than the PUBG original version to allow the user a smoother and faster experience.

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