Make money from blog: Step by step

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How can you make money from blog? Earning money from the Internet has become very easy, primarily through blogging, so the majority of workers on the Internet have been involved in creating a blog and profit from it in many different ways, including advertising, marketing, affiliates, and many other ways so that our article talks about or tells you how to do You can make money from blog?

Make money from blog

Make money from blog: Step by step

Surely anyone who hears of the idea of making money off a blog.

The first question on their mind is, How do you make money from blog?

That is why we will show you the best way to make money through blogging

The course is by displaying Google Adsense ads in your blog so that you take a specific commission for every 1000 impressions.

To be accepted into Adsense, your blog must contain at least 30 articles, and the content must be exclusive.

Other ways you can make money from blog

Other ways you can make money from blog

The second way after the method of profit from Google Adsense ads is to earn money through marketing commission methods.

So that you can market products, programs, applications, and websites by talking about them in articles.

So that you can commission products for the giant Amazon company and marketing for services, Fiverr.

You have to take only your link, and everyone who buys through your link will take a specific commission.

Of course, this method is straightforward. So please do not waste it from your hands.

The best platforms to create a blog on

The best platforms to create a blog on

To make money from blog, the platform you have created a blog must be professional.

Blogger is one of the best platforms for creating a great blog that Google will accept, as it has many advantages, including:

Easy-to-use and straightforward blogger platform for creating a blog for bloggers.

It's also an extremely efficient technique to make money.

What does the blogger platform provide?

Blogger offers the opportunity to create more than one blog for free unless the user wants to purchase a fast and professional template and domain.

Blogger platform provides a high level of security and protection away from hacking, fraud, and content theft, which makes it preferred by some.

Its drawback is that it does not provide additional user functionality, limited design options, and templates, so the blog is straightforward.

In the end, these methods of How can you make money from blogs? that we presented to you in the article are considered one of the best ways to make money from the blogs, as we find that some people have managed to make a fortune by creating more than one blog and displaying Google Adsense ads in it.

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