Make money from blogging for beginners: How?

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Make money from blogging for beginners: How?

How to make money from blogging for beginners? In the beginning, let's define blogging for new beginners. Blogs are a web platform on the Internet through which you can present your idea in the form of articles and creativity and excel in your chosen field as you want to earn money from this field. For this reason, we will talk about how to make money from blogging for beginners.

Make money from blogging for beginners.

Every beginner who owns blogs or has heard that he can make money from them.

The first question in his head is:

How to make money from blogging for beginners?

There are two straightforward ways, and any beginner can make money from us through:

Blogging without any prior experience or complications.

The first method is affiliate marketing, which markets products, sites, or applications.

And take a commission on each person who purchases the product or visits the site.

The Second Way

The Second Way

The second way is to make money from advertising.

You can display Google Adsense ads, but this is not suitable for beginners, and for this, we recommend direct advertising.

These two methods are profitable, and most bloggers, whether beginners or professionals in this field, depending on them.

Because they are one of the best ways to earn money.

Best sites for Affiliate marketing

About Make money from blogging for beginners: Regarding commission marketing through blogs.

There is no better than the giant Amazon company because it is the undisputed number one globally.

As for marketing services, five Affiliate websites are:

Rich in definition and most people know it or have heard of it before.

So that people offer their services and you, like your role.

How is marketing?

How is marketing?

It is marketed through your blog; you take the links to the services and put them on your blog

Each person who purchases this service will take about 5% of the service price.

And the service should be related to the topic of the article

You can also market to sites by communicating with site lovers.

And the number of visits to your site must be dressed up so as not to be rejected.

Make money from blogging for beginners: How can I bring visitors to blogs

You can get visitors to your blogs through three ways which are SEO and ads.

And we will talk about the three methods in detail

The first method is SEO, with us writing an article that is :

Compatible with SEO standards to appear in Google search engines

The second method is advertising on social networking sites such as :

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and targeting the right audience interested in your field to bring visitors to blogs.

The third method is advertising

But for website owners whose field is related to yours, the number of visitors to their sites is high.

In conclusion, How do you make money from blogging for beginners? We showed you the three best ways to earn money from monets, whether for beginners Or clay professionals who have experience in this field and through blogging, you can achieve wealth and large sums.

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