Overview on mobile legends apk download

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Overview on mobile legends apk download


Mobile Legends apk download recommended for you or as it is one of the most popular games, With more than 75 million players around the world,This game was released in late 2016, specifically in November, and the game gained great popularity among Southeast Asian countries and won the award for the best esports game in 2019 the confrontation is between two teams, team consists of 5 players, struggles to protect its capital base and seeks to destroy the base of the opponent team to win when Mobile Legends apk download.

The arena of confrontation when Mobile Legends apk download

Tracks:The confrontation arena contains many things.

The arena consists of 3 main tracks. Each track contains 3 sub-towers for each team. Which forms an obstacle that must be destroyed in order to reach the main base.

The main base sends soldiers to help you destroy the towers and bases of the other team.
Be sure to kill the soldiers of the other team to get gold and experience that will help you in developing and buying equipment to strengthen your character.


The arena map contains a forest that contains many bushes that you can hide inside,as well as many monsters that will help you while playing.

The monsters in game

The monsters in game

After Mobile Legends apk download you will find normal monsters.
They are weak monsters that you can kill to get experience and a small amount of gold.

Healing monsters :
They are harmless monsters that you can kill in order to automatically give you a health boosting.
Effect for you and the team members surrounding you for a specified period of time.

Gold Monsters: It is a crab like monsters that it gives you a gold effect every second for a set amount of time.

Elite monsters: They are two medium damage monsters that when you reach level 6 you can easily kill them:

Villain Fiend: Gives you the effect of a red flame and it boosts your physical attack with extra damage.

Serpent: Gives a blue effect that restores MP vitality and reduces CD time.

The Epic monsters Enemy

When you get The Mobile Legends apk download you must be worried about these monsters.
Legendary monsters: They are powerful monsters that your team must unite to eliminate.
Especially if you are at the beginning of the match, and they are two monsters.

Cryo Turtle: When you kill it, it gives you the effect of a turtle, which is a shield that increases your defense
Ability by 400, physical attack 20, magic attack 25 points, and all your team members get gold.

Lord: He is the most powerful monster in the game. When you and your team members are defeated.
He becomes a follower of you and helps you in attacking the towers of the other team, and he has a great power to destroy.
So team members must support him to cause the greatest damage.

How to download The game

How to download The game

If you are a user of Android phones, you can head to Google Play to press into Mobile Legends apk download.

If you are a user of iPhone or iOS systems, you can go to Apple to press into Mobile Legends apk.

When you download Mobile Legends
apk download Don't tend to kill other players, as most low-ranking and inexperienced players do. Always make it your priority to kill soldiers and defend team towers.

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