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The word PPC search is an abbreviation of the word pay-per-click, which is what is concerned with pay-per-click search or PPC search, as it always helps the advertiser or user to increase their site visits faster, which is what the advertiser pays for, Where the advertiser pays a specific fee every time a visitor clicks on one of his ads, and in general it is one of the contemporary ways to buy a large number of traffic on the advertised site.

What is the PPC search?

What is the PPC search?

According to the Paid Search Best Practices Guide, Paid Search Marketing offers businesses the opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or partner site by paying either each time their ad is clicked (pay-per-click) or less commonly, when their ad is shown (cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-thousand) Or when you establish a phone call, which is “Pay Per Call.”

PPC Search Advertising

PPC Search Advertising

With the millions of searches users make every day on Google.

You can use PPC search technology to identify potential customers with your brand.

And motivate them to buy your products and act. There are two types of

PPC search on Google as below:  

·       First type

First type

In this type, the price is displayed for each click separately.

And that is through auctions conducted by the networks, which determine the cost of advertising clicks resulting from the main keywords.

·       Second type

This type refers to the fixed price that the advertiser sets and is agreed upon between the advertiser and the publisher.

Meanwhile, Price is paid with each click.

Where publishers have a price tag that allows varying rates for specific and different parts of the site due to the attractiveness of the advertisement>

and the strength of the content.

pay-per-click Search ads

When you type a phrase or keyword into a search engine, your ad related to the search word or phrase will appear at the top of the results.

You will pay this amount or money if this person clicks on your ad.

This means that you pay to visit your site or store. But it's not just any visit.

it's focused on people who are really interested in the content, services or products you offer.

 In other words, your ideal visitor, and this is what makes PPC ads so effective.

Although PPC ads are usually in the form of SERP or search engine results pages such as Google or Bing.

But it is also used by social media.

Explore PPC Search Features

·         PPC search is the best way to achieve speed and scale.

·         It is the perfect and great choice for new companies and special offers.

·         Pay per click search is highly scalable.

·         Filters can be added to the target based on specific attributes.

·         pay-per-click search enables you to reach different types of audiences, especially those that are difficult to reach.

·         pay-per-click is one of the best ways to increase revenue and profits.

·         Help you evaluate interactive online shopping in terms of cost paid and profit.


In the end, pay-per-click is the best way to get your store or website popular.

It helps you focus on the people and categories that need and are interested in what your store or website offers.

PPC search is the fastest way to know your brand.

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