Top paid blogging sites and how to use them

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Paid blogging sites, do you think that blogging is just a hobby? Think again it's actually not the easiest way to make money, because you'll need an interesting topic with enough patience and dedication to build traffic and followers to your blog, just keep reading the following lines to help you in growing your blog into a profitable way from your home.

Top paid blogging sites

Top paid blogging sites and how to use them

There are a huge number of paid blogging sites. They differ according the field that you're writing in.

·         Linode: is a great platform that talks about local tech and entrepreneurial resources which also will pay you great paychecks if you write top notch tutorials for them.

·         Elite Personal Finance: It is one of the most trusted finance blogs on the web that mostly talks about personal finance, loans, business, etc.

-They spend more than $30,000/year in high quality content so you’ll have a great chance of getting paid to write on their site.

·         Income Dairy: It is one of the incredible blogs that has great amount of quality articles which is run by Michael Dunlop; mostly you’ll find blogging, marketing and SEO related stuff.

·         Great Escape Publishing: It talks about everything from traveling on a budget to making money online while travel blogging.

·       Funds for Writers: is a great online resource for writers which have over 40K subscribers following to them, also you’ll find a lot of articles about getting paid from writing.

- Besides they are writing contents where they usually get in it challenges for their readers on their contents and pay $200 for winners.

How much will you get paid to blog per post?

How much will you get paid to blog per post?


The majority of these paid blogging sites are dealing with PayPal as a main method to put money into your account.

·         In Technology Sites, you can earn up to $300 depending on topic difficulty. They pay you by check.

·         In Finance Sites, you can earn $100 per article with a minimum of 1000 words with all necessary information related to finance, saving money, loans etc.

·         In Marketing Sites, you can earn up to $200 for your articles once they go live on their paid blogging sites, the article should be around 2000+ words.

·         In Best Travel Sites, they pay from $ 50 up to $ 200 depending upon the type and complexity of the content you published.

·         In Writing Niche, they pay $50 for unpublished original articles; $15 for reprints through PayPal and the payment will be made when article is accepted, usually within a week of submission.

Proven ways to get accepted on paid blogging sites

Proven ways to get accepted on paid blogging sites

Here are some of the amazing tips that you can use to get your posts accepted on paid blogging sites:

·         Pick one topic, per post instead of trying to cover too many topics.

·         Make it appealing, Use screenshots, and images to make your content look appealing. This makes your post both compelling and engaging.

·         Content Length is important, long form of content works really well, so make sure to write in-depth articles.

·         Research, writing high quality articles becomes so much easier if you’re doing proper prior research, so make a perfect research first.

·         Social Media, provides you the biggest platform to meet your favorite authors, writers, and top bloggers no matter what niche you’re in.



Therefore, we’ve come to the end of our article in which we showed you top paid blogging sites, and how much you can get paid to blog per post.

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