Paid digital marketing: when to use?

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 What is paid digital marketing? In this article, we will talk about e- digital marketing, when you should use it, and all the information that pertains to it. In the beginning, we have to understand that with the development of time and the significant interference of technology in our lives, it has become an integral part of our lives, so all areas of life have become through Paid digital marketing.

Paid digital marketing

Paid digital marketing

In the past, marketing was advertisements in the streets or on television.

But when social media and smartphones became the most taking of everyone’s time and attention.

All marketing campaigns went to these outlets, so when you ask about paid digital marketing.

You must understand that it is marketing Through a search engine or social media platforms.

Common types

Common types

There are usually three common and well-known types of it, and they are:

·         Digital marketing via social media platforms.

·         Marketing through different search engines.

·         Another type is advertising network marketing.

We will talk in some detail about these three types and when you should use any of them during your advertising journey for your company.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Google is one of the most popular search engines used daily by millions of people in the world.

Google has allowed companies to assist companies that want a solid platform to advertise themselves.

Their companies, products, and services that they provide in the community by paying Google to display themselves.

And its services to people quickly when they search through Google.

Of course, you have come across one of these ads when searching for something on Google.

And you may see the name of a company and written under it that it is a paid advertisement.

Paid digital marketing: Advertising Network Marketing

This type is done when you use different web pages and notice that there are specific images of advertisements for other companies.

This is also one of the most famous types of paid digital marketing, where the company that wants to do:

Advertising is looking to contract with a famous web page many people visit during the year.

To make a specific advertisement for its company to distinguish the company and present.

The most important service it performs and displays on its web page.

 In most cases, these advertisements are an image or videos with a clear statement about:

·         The company or something that distinguishes the company

Social media marketing

This type of paid digital marketing is one of the most popular and most widely used types.

Because one of the most used things at present, time is social media.

You may have encountered many forms of paid advertising across different platforms.

The most famous of which is Facebook or Instagram.

Marketing through these platforms is suitable because it helps target a specific category of people by knowing their interests.


This article has talked about paid digital marketing and its most essential types.

In the previous article, we showed you the most critical forms of digital marketing and presented some details about each type.

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