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 When you use the Search Advertising option with the Display Network selected, keep in mind that your ads will appear in each of Google's search results, which includes more than two million sites; Moreover, Your ads will appear in a very large network of Google partner websites and applications; It is worth noting that search advertising will reach more than 90% of Internet users worldwide.


Search Advertising Formats

Search Advertising Formats

Two options determine forms of advertising on the search network:


·        The First figure

·        The First figure

The well-known standard format that includes text-only ads.


·        The Second figure

·        The Second figure

the second figure includes all the features and, in turn, includes text ads, shopping ads, dynamic search ads, and app ads.

And you need to enter keywords related to the topic.


Forms of Search Advertising

·        Text ads on search advertising

These are ads that consist of words only, and they depend entirely on the content and style of writing.

It is characterized by the ability to maintain easily and quickly and can be modified a lot.

It also appears in Google search results.

You can also add details to it such as phone number, website, specifications, services, and many features.

·        Display ads on search advertising

These ads rely on the visual image more than the written text.

Where the pictures can clarify what the advertisement wants to communicate.

And you can upload it or choose between already loaded.

Which gives you a greater ability to control and enjoy multiple and different sizes, detailed in the Google Center.

It can also be added in Html five formats. These are still or animated gifs or flash ads. 

It allows you to display your ads more interactively.

·        Responsive ads

They are ads that adjust themselves automatically as you adjust their size or appearance to fit the available advertising spaces automatically. 

They can also be ads of a textual or graphic character.

·        Shopping ads

These ads display the store's name, the product, its specifications, its price, and the details of the product.

They are product marketing ads that include an image when clicked.

That expands to display other related products with information related to your store.

All with attractive and powerful content for the user to achieve his results.

Advantages of search advertising 


·         Search advertising helps to attract a large number of visits in a short time.

·         It helps to advertise the brand, website, or store.

·         It helps to target the audience interested in the topic and an audience that has not been targeted before.

·         Search advertising helps you save time and effort, through which you can achieve quick results at a low cost.



Search advertising technology allows you to appear among the first options on the Google network.

This helps increase the percentage of visits to your site and your brand's reputation.

Search advertising is one of the first steps to success.


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