Learn all details about Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is improving the quality of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines to make it better and better . SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic to get Good shape at any stage Make minor modifications to parts of your website. Viewed individually, these changes appear as incremental improvements and  improve the quality of web traffic. It collects a huge amount of content, then organizes and rates it based on thousands of browsing factors.

 What is SEO ?

Learn all details about Search Engine Optimization

Editing and incorporating parts of your website into other optimizations are essential & important for components of any web page, but you may not be getting the most out of them.
Increase your website or web page in search engine results


SEO , how does it work ?

SEO , how does it work ?

The higher the list of results in a site, the more viewers will visit it,Can turn into clients

Everyone who uses the Internet also uses search engines To ask about something .

Statistics say that about 71% of people who search just click on the first page results

So If you want to capture customers from search engines.

SEO benefits include the following items:


How to arrange websites and pages & Try to answer and solve it.

Improve your site to ranking it first and visibility on search engines in the first.

      SEO Cofactors

SEO is divided into two things: content and links between sites .


      The words

Search engines count every word on the web. This way when someone performs a search, they can generate results related to those words .

The words you use will affect your page and your search engine .

The address of your web pages may not be seen at all because it is hidden in the code.

so SEO pay a lot of attention to the words in the page titles


      The links

Links between websites are very important. When  webpage contains of link to another webpage, it means that the link contains of good information too

 a web page with a lot of links shows your page to search engines that others trust & It shows that your page has good information.


Trusted sites have value , but Fake linked pages are less valuable than real pages.

The words in the links tell search engines a lot about your site

The more your site relates to a word or phrase the better you will rank if that word is searched for

      The reputation

Search engines are a way for your website reputation to care about whether your site has a history of engaging, new content whether the number of quality links to your site is growing or not


Its helps you achieve perfect results in searching . When you will better ,  your results will be.The better & the best known sites will go to the top.

What should I avoid ?

What should I avoid ?

      Writing a meta description tag that has nothing to do with the content.

      Use generic descriptions.

      Fill in the description using keywords only.

      Random transition from one size to another in title tags.



What should I Improve?


      Use unique descriptions for each page.

      Accurately summarize page content.


Users may see snippets of different sizes (depending on how they search and where they search), and the text should contain all the relevant information that users will need to determine if the page is useful and relevant to the query.

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