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 Google Search Console is an important for any business need to get more website traffic from searching. we’re going to knowhow to set up Google Search Console, Started with Search Console is so easy, and there’s a more ways to set it up it as per your needs, Google already provides to you ways to how to set up Search Console, and verify your site, so we’re going to give a more user-friendly ways.  

The Way of Set up Google Search Console

The Way of Set up Google Search Console

1-Go to Google Search Console. 
2-Log-in by your Google account, if you don’t have a one, you should to create one before you can continue.
3-Click the on words add a Property button at the top of this page.
4-Enter the URL related by your website & clicks continue.
It’ll be asked to verify your website.
When you’re set up, Google Search Console it’s not very exciting, but you have to wait before any useful data.

Steps after set-up

Steps after set-up

There are many tools online that will create a sitemap for you, as you need to upload to the root of your website.
When your sitemap is created on your website, you can go to the Google Search Console to click Add your sitemap.
If you have access to the root of your website you can upload an html file to manage your hosting by yourself.

Advanced download steps

Advanced download steps

you can verify via your hosting provider, or you can verify via Google Tags, verify ownership via your Google Analytics.
You need to have Property, Domain, Subdomain, URL, and URL Prefix.
If you don’t have access to your registrar, you can set up Google Search Console using a URL-prefix property.
This means includes all subdomains and protocol prefixes with your domain, in other words, this option connects Google Search Console to every aspect of your site.

Why Search Console important?

1-To analyses search traffic:
shows you  search terms that your site showed up for in results, the average position and the number of clicks through to your site.
2-To improve search appearance:
Best ways to adjust how your website appears in the results pages.
3-To submit your site map:
ability to add a site map to help your site get indexed quicker its especially useful if your site is new.
It’s Helps you monitor, and optimize your website’s organic search presence, use it to view clicks and impressions too.
Although that’s cool, it has much more to offer.
Find search queries that drive traffic & how well all your pages rank Locate errors that need fixing and, Protect your site has been hacked.
You can view your search analytics data From Google Analytics, to follow the instructions to link your GSC account to your Google Analytics account.

Setup Google Search Console to have ability to add a site map and Adding an xml sitemap allows you to submit your pages directly to Google, to crawl and index your site, Its help your Website to get indexed quicker and more pages.

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