What are software applications with examples?

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Software applications, Programming is one of the most important jobs that we need today in  various specialties, so a lot of people are looking for free resources that help teach programming, programming is writing special codes that the computer understands to help you create the programs and websites you need by mastering some programming languages specific to each specialty separately for example, if you want to specialize in Android programming, you should study some important languages for designing an application.

What are software applications?

What are software applications?

Software applications, before starting the programming education process, you must determine the department that you want to work.

Whether you want to become an android programmer, web designer, desktop programmer, web developer, or iPhone programmer.

You have to read the important languages for this specialization, after defining the languages and the path in which you will specialize.

You must choose the sources that help you accurately and carefully, whether they are sites, channels or applications.

Important software applications

Important software applications


ENKI is one of the most important programming applications, it help you to continue to improve as a developer.

As it supports a large number of programming languages such as: (Java), (JavaScript) JavaScript, (Python) Python, CSS, HTML, Block Chain.

Grasshopper app:

Grasshopper helps you to learn programming, and was launched by the Google Area 120 team in 2018.

This allowing users to learn the basics and principles of programming for free and in an easy way.

The most popular software applications

The most popular software applications

Encode application:

Encode focuses on learning JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS which makes it an ideal choice if you are looking to learn programming for web development.

The most important thing about this application is that it includes a shortcut bar with symbols that are using programming.

or you are using the Android or IOS system, to save you the trouble of searching for these symbols through your keyboard.

 Also you can use Encode application offline.

The common software applications in world

Code academy Go app:

Code academy Go is an ideal choice if you are already a user of Code academy learning platform,

where you can review and practice what you have learned anytime and anywhere on the go with your smartphone.

The application is available for free for Android users on the Google Play Store, and for iPhone and IPAD users via the App Store.


In the end, programming is one of the most important skills of the current era, and there are many free and paid applications, websites and educational courses to spread programming on the widest scale.

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