The most information about business software

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The most information about business software

Information about busineInformation, and steps for the work of software for PC, important to know how the software is downloaded to the computer and how to install it. It is undoubtedly very simple steps, as it requires you to focus, As well as following them in order, which we will display in a series of successive steps as follows about business software.

steps about business software and install of PC

steps about business software and install of PC

Knowledge about business software and how it works on PC in these steps:

We go into the BIOS settings on the computer, so that the device reads information from the disk when booting. The information is entered by pressing the (f2) key.

Insert the disk containing the copy of Windows into the computer.

Then restart the device.

A black screen will appear with the following phrase, (press any key to boot from cd or dvd).

The user must press any key on the keyboard, in order to start reading the information from the disk.

The second stage of the steps

These steps about business software

to be completed for the software, so follow them:

We press the (space) or (enter) button, and thus the screen for installing the new Windows will appear.

We have to wait a little while until the next screen appears.

The screen contains settings for the computer, keyboard, and time.

It also has language-specific settings, and they are changed to suit the user.

We click on the next option.

The third stage of the software steps for the pc

This is the third stage of the software work for the computer, and it is important about business software.

You can follow these steps exactly:

Click on the Download screen option.

wait for the program to be installed on the device.

We agree to the new Windows Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We must check (True) in the box designated for it, then click on the next option.

The fourth stage of the steps

After completing the previous stages, you can follow these new stages to make the software for PC.

We click on the (costume advanced) option to perform the partitioning of the hard disk.

The division process is according to the user's need and desire.

Distribute space on the main disks in the computer.

We click on the tab, then advanced options, then a new option.

We click on the (apply) option, after we have finished dividing the spaces.

These are the steps for making the software for PC, and it is from our topic about .software of business

The fifth stage of the PC software

The fifth stage of the PC software

Follow the rest of the steps about business software, worked with PC software.

We click on the word (ok), then on the option (next).

We wait for at least a third of an hour, until the installation of the program on the device is complete.

At this time the device will restart more than once.

We choose a name for the device, enter it in the specified place, and click on the (next) option.

The sixth and final steps

We choose a password for the computer, and this step is not mandatory and can be skipped.

Enter the Windows serial code on the device, then click on the (next) option.

We select the protection mode, by clicking on (recommended settings).

Set the time, date, and type of internet connection, then wait for a while until the installation process is complete.

These are the last steps about business software for PC.

We have finished showing the steps about business software as well as the six stages of making software for the personal computer.They must be followed in the order as previously mentioned.

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