Why is YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense?

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The money-earning on YouTube is the most popular method for making money from YouTube at the current times, but you may see the problem "YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense", so we choose this article to talk about that, when it does happen what is the reason, and more, so that if you are one of the people who have this problem "YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense", and if you want to know more details about it, you can read this article to find everything you search for.

What is the most popular reason YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense?

Why is YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense?

The problem that says " YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense " happens in these states.

If you start to monetize in one month, the earnings won't be finalized until the middle of next month.

whereafter the end of every month, YouTube needs two weeks to re-check and finalize all the earnings. 

The estimated amount is usually fairly close, but if there is any invalid traffic, that will be deducted.

Examples on the problem

Examples on the problem

We will give you an example to understand more the problem of "YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense".

If you start to monetize your YouTube in March month, you should see your actual earnings around 12th-15th of April month.

That earnings for the month of March posted to your AdSense payment page, and added to your balance.

Including this, it is worth saying about the payment methods from AdSense on YouTube.

AdSense payment YouTube

AdSense payment YouTube

After you know why "YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense", you must know payment on YouTube.

That is based on the niche, people number using an Ad Blocker, and video length.

Your niche comes into play so if you are in a segment like gaming though, you are likely to receive more low-value ads.

When your videos appear to a younger crowd, more people are likely to use an Ad Blocker.

Your video length has an impact on how much you can make, the videos are over 10 minutes, and you can place additional ads.

But how can you get your money on AdSense?

What are the ways of getting the money?

After you know "YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense", we tell you AdSense provides us a variety of payment methods.

So that you can get your money by these methods that are as the following:

     PayPal payment method.

     Payment by Western Union.

     Payment by Cheques.

     Payment using Electronic Funds Transfers (ETF).

     Payment with Wire Transfers.

     Western Union Quick Cash.

     Payment by Rapida.

     EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

All things that you need to do, choose the method that is suitable and works best for you.


After you know the cause of YouTube revenue not showing in AdSense, you can find other solutions to make money even with the required time spent, if you have other problems don't hesitate to contact us or you can call Google support as you want.

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