How is YouTube revenue calculated?

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 Many people have thought a lot about the YouTube revenue that famous YouTubers earn on YouTube, and in this article, I will reveal to you many secrets about YouTube earnings, while watching YouTube videos is simply viewed as a fun pastime, many lucky people have now managed to land a job by posting videos on the Google-owned video site, and recently many YouTubers revealed how to profit from the site, and how much YouTube revenue they earn for their videos.

YouTube revenue

How is YouTube revenue calculated?

While speaking to Business Insider, three influencers revealed how much YouTube pays for videos with 100,000 views, up to 150 million views.

Their announcement comes shortly after Forbes revealed its top 10 YouTube stars for 2019, with eight-year-old Ryan Kaji topping the list with an impressive net worth of $26 million.

Price of 100 thousand views

Price of 100 thousand views


YouTube star Natalie Barbeau has confirmed that videos with 100,000 views can fetch between $500 (£384) and $1,000 (£770).

Barbo's channel currently has more than 257,000 subscribers, with 20 of her videos achieving over 100,000 views so far.

She explained that the amount you earn per video really depends on the number of ads each video contains.

Price of a million views

Things get better once the videos hit 1 million views, according to YouTube stars Marina Mojelko, Kevin David, Austin Alexander and Shelby Church,

and while all four of these influencers have videos with 1 million views, the amount they earned varied widely.

Church videos fetch between $2,000 (£1,540) and $5,000 (£3,850), while Alexander earns around $6,000 (£4,617).

Meanwhile, Mogilko can make $10,000 for a video with 1 million views, while David will make a whopping $40,000 (£30,780).

150 million views

YouTuber has revealed how much a video with 150 million views gets.

Paul Kosky posts videos about Nerf guns on his channel, and he recently achieved 150 million views on his video titled "Nerf War: Tank Battle."

According to Kosky, this video has fetched him $97,000 (£74,640).

According to YouTube users, enabling all the advertising options helps their earnings, as well as extending the videos for 10 minutes.

How to use YouTube revenue calculator?

How to use YouTube revenue calculator?


In order to be able to calculate your YouTube revenue,

All you have to do is swipe the views bar left or right to match the number of daily views.

to match the number of daily views to your channel.

Next, adjust the Follower Activity Rate (CTR) i.e. click-through rate that you can get from your YouTube channel stats.

It will show you the expected daily, monthly and yearly earnings for your channel, based on the data you set.


In the end, to increase YouTube revenue, YouTube started a lot of policies to ensure that actions are taken against bad actors.

It started Content ID, a copyright infringement system where if someone uploads any copyrighted content it is saved to Content ID.

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