How much does a YouTuber earn?

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We all may have that question, Hou much does a YouTuber earn? YouTube averages between 30 cents and $3 per thousand views, but that depends on several factors, including the viewer's geographic location, the content of the video, how long the viewers watch the video, their relationship to the video, and more, there are other factors, which I will discuss in more detail below if you want a quick and superficial answer to the question of how much YouTubers earn. How much does a YouTube user earn per thousand views?

How much YouTuber earn per thousand views - CPM?

How much does a YouTuber earn?

How much does a YouTuber earn per thousand views - cost per thousand impressions? Before answering this question, let's agree on a series of points: YouTube does not pay channel owners to watch them, but profits are made through ads that appear on videos. YouTube must meet certain conditions to agree to place ads on your videos and then pay you for watching those ads (we'll discuss these later).

Factors that determine YouTube profitability

The Country where the Views Come From

Of course, when talking about views of a certain video, the majority of whose views come from America,

Is completely different from the video whose views come from other countries, and the matter here is linked to a very logical idea:

America is more advanced than other countries in the world of economy and technology, so the American citizen has a better purchasing power than any citizen in another country.

Video Content Field

Video Content Field

In general, in the world of advertising: the more profitable there is.

The more expensive the ads associated with that area are for the advertiser because there are a lot of advertisers competing for that ad.

So, the more you choose a YouTube channel idea that attracts expensive ads, the better you'll make.

How much does a YouTuber Earn from Every million views?

How much does a YouTuber Earn from Every million views?

One of the questions that many young people ask is: How much does a YouTuber earn per 1 million views? I will answer this question with a hypothetical example, which will give you an answer with the numbers you want:

Let's say YouTuber earns a profit rate of $1 per thousand views:

So you can divide a million by a thousand and the result is multiplying by one to be like this (1000000/1000) * 1 = 1000 dollars

What you should get from YouTube

Choose an idea to focus on your YouTube channel. You can choose from many YouTube channel ideas, but here I suggest choosing one that you like and are interested in.

Start providing high-quality videos for your channel You should keep expanding your channel with new ideas for YouTube videos, this is the only way to build your audience and attract more views.

Start promoting your YouTube channel.


Many youths have recently become very interested in the idea of ​​profit from YouTube, and then began to wonder with great curiosity about the rate of profits that can be achieved from YouTube, so today we told you about how much a YouTuber earns.

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