What do we know about youtube profit?

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 Youtube profit dose matter to the majority of people nowadays. After social media became very famous and a lot of people even have done a career shift to start working in social media. After starting the social media thing, you wonder how to make this work a source to your passive income. There are many ways you can drain yourself income with using YouTube. The most popular one of them is google adds. Youtube profit will never start immediately after you open your channel.

How to start your youtube profit journey?

After creating your own channel in youtube you can sign up for google adds on stat. But to start the real and actual income it’s a different journey. You have to be aware about the you tube partner academy. It’s kind of telling you exactly how to be qualified for real income from you tube. There are many criteria should be checked to be in parallel with the real income. As a basic requirement you will need to have at least 1000 subscribers. And after reaching the required number of subscribers you need to reach certain number of views.

What are sources of Youtube profit

What do we know about youtube profit?

There is a lot of sources for YouTube profit.

The content creator may be able to use them all in the same time.

The most primitive way to start the actual income from youtube is google adds. But there ia a lot of other ways like sponsorship adds. In this way you will use the trust of your audience and start advertising for a product or a service using your videos.

How dose special memberships affect youtube profit?

How dose special memberships affect youtube profit?

There is a new technique in the youtube called special membership. To start using this tool you need to have a very good background and hard work with your audience. 

After doing an investment with your audience and you built a trust with them. You can offer them subscribing to the special membership.

This will be done for a minimum amount of money like 5 dollars/month. And for that every member subscribed for this badge will enjoy special emoji and will own their badges.

So, it’s a win-to-win situation. you will increase your revenue from youtube and your audience will enjoy all special things in the badge.

What is youtube premium revenue?

This is another more way to increase your YouTube profit. It’s a gift to all content creators presented by youtube partner. Some people need to maximize their experiences with youtube. Like they want to watch videos with no adds.

So, they do subscribe for a special premium subscription on you tube.

Youtube partner academy will give you a revenue of this value.

What is Youtube earnings and tax liabilities?

What is Youtube earnings and tax liabilities?


Before asking about youtube profit you need to know what you will give from your side. After you start the journey of actual income from youtube your country may ask for taxes.

You need to be in direct contact with your local tax authorities to know the exact amount.


 Youtube profit is area of interest to a lot of people. Specially after working on social media became very common. To know more about the profit, you need to know how algorithms of youtube are working.

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