Youtube salary per month for 1k subscribers

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Youtube salary for 1k subscribers, YouTube salaries can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including prestige, geographic location and number of subscribers, so the salary from the YouTube platform isn't fixed but changes from month to month and this number can increase significantly if the YouTube user also has a large number of Views per video.

YouTube Partner Program

Youtube salary per month for 1k subscribers

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a scheme that allows eligible YouTube channels to monetize their content on the platform through advertising.

Once you're in the YPP you can run ads on your videos and receive a share of the revenue generated.

You must have at least 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to join the YPP.

You also need to have an AdSense account linked to your YouTube channel.

Better ways to earn from your subscribers

Better ways to earn from your subscribers

On YouTube There are many ways to earn from your subscribers on YouTube.

The most common way is through Google Adsense which will place ads on your videos and pay you based on the number of views.

However there are other ways to earn as well.

You can become a YouTube Partner which will give you access to special features and allows you to share revenue with YouTube.

You can also sell products through your videos either as an affiliate or through your own online store.

And finally you can accept donations from your fans.

Turn subscribers into money

Turn subscribers into money

There are a few key ways to turn subscribers into money.

The first is to offer paid content.

This could be in the form of a subscription to a premium newsletter, access to exclusive blog posts or even video or audio content that is only available to paying members.

Finally you can also generate revenue by partnering with other businesses who are willing to pay for access to your subscriber list.

Who makes much money on YouTube?

The highest-paid YouTubers are 7-year-old Ryan Kaji who made $26 million in 2019 and 9-year-old PewDiePie who made $15 million.

These are both far above the $12 million that YouTuber Jeffree Star made in 2019.

The most popular YouTube channels are mostly music channels with T-Series and PewDiePie leading the pack.

However there are also many successful YouTubers in other categories such as makeup (Jeffree Star) gaming (PewDiePie) and comedy (JusReign).

Who are the richest kid YouTubers?

     Ryan Kaji, $ 29.5 million.

     Mr Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), $ 24 million.

     Dude Perfect, $ 23m: Five friends - Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney - play stunts with lightsabers, Nerf Guns and paintballs.

Who is the richest singer in India?

Rahman. For a singer revered as Mozart from Madras, it is only natural that fame and money would flood the coffers of A. R. Rahman.

An Oscar winner and a Grammy recipient, Rahman has a net worth of an astonishing $ 280 million, making him the richest singer in India.


The salary of the content creator on the YouTube platform cannot be determined based on the number of subscribers. Rather, the monthly salary from YouTube is calculated for the subscriber based on many other things.

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