What are the components of a computer and software for hardware?

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What are the components of a computer and software for hardware?

Software for hardware, The processor loads the information that composes the basic commands necessary to run the operating system (Windows 7 for example) through a memory denoted by ROM - which is an abbreviation of Read-Only Memory - and through the hard disk (hard disk) to the memory Random Access, which stands for RAM, is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory.

Computer components Software for hardware

This includes the system unit and everything connected to it, such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse...etc.

Intangible components (Software) cannot be seen, but we can see the effect of their operation like software.

First: Hardware Components

Computer components Software for hardware

First: Input devices are components that send data to a computer, some examples are as follows:

A keyboard layout is similar with additional keys, other input device is a mouse.

Second: the output devices are the peripheral devices that receive data from the computer,

They can be display devices, projections, or any other means, some examples are as follows:

 A monitor is a visual display unit (VDU) that displays data or visuals from Computer,

 Printer helps print details on paper, latest printers are injected printers that are used to take multiple high-quality prints

1.      The physical components are divided into four sections:

Input units:
It enables the user to enter data.
MOUSE (used to move within Microsoft Windows and to issue commands to the computer via the serial port or USB)
Keyboard (through which numbers and letters are entered and commands are issued via the serial port or the USB)
Trackball: An alternative to the traditional mouse used by most graphic designers.
Scanner - The scanner allows you to scan printed matter and convert it into a file format that can be handled on your computer.
Touchpad: A device placed on the desktop that responds to pressure.
Light Pen: This allows users to indicate positions on the screen.
Touch Screen

Second: Intangible components (Software)

Intangible components (Software)

Software is stored on a computer's hard disk, a CD, a DVD, or a floppy disk and is downloaded (i.e. copied)

From the disk to the computer's random access memory (RAM) when you need it

It is also the link between the programmer and the computer and can be divided into:

 Operating System: It is a complex program that controls the management of system resources

And the implementation of application programs,

As well as it can organize the process of executing more than one task at the same time in multi-tasking systems,

 Or distributing tasks to more than one processor in multiple programming systems (Multi-Processing System)

Example of operating systems

·           Macintosh: Mac OS

·           Mac OS is one of the most beautiful and powerful operating systems in graphics and design

·           BeOS

·           NOVELL (known as Novell Networks)

·           Trampling Ms-DO

·           Linux and Unix

·           Windows

In the end Software for hardware, refers to the hardware components of a computer. These components are tangible. Hardware is also divided into input devices, output devices, Secondary storage devices and internal components.

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