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 Information about computer hardware and software, a computer is an electronic device that has the superior ability to receive data, conduct data on it, process it, transform it into the information of value and importance, and then store it within varying storage media, whether internal or external.

Computers vary in speed and specifications, and computers work based on operating systems, and without them, the computer is of no value. Hence, the computer components are divided into two parts: computer hardware and software.

Information about computer hardware and software

Information about computer hardware and software

Computer hardware

Computer hardware

The physical components in a computer or hardware have a large role and multiple functions in a computer.

The hardware consists of any solid object in the computer, including what includes inside it of electronic circuits or small or large things that are inside or connected to the computer,

And examples of this are the basic unit of the device and the electronic equipment it contains inside it,

Such as the motherboard and the cards connected to it, and the hard disk

And floppy disk and others, and in addition to the basic unit, there is the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and headphones,

 And it also includes the cable that supplies the computer with electrical current, the cable that connects two devices, or anything similar.

The physical components are divided in terms of their function into four parts: input devices,

Processing devices, storage devices, and output devices,

 Where the input devices meet commands and information from the user and then,

 After converting them into electrical impulses, send them to the processing devices to perform the required operations on them.

Computer software

Computer software

You can see an image of Microsoft's PowerPoint program, which is used to create presentations

Everything you do on your computer depends on both hardware and software.

 For example, you are now watching this lesson in a web browser

This is (software) and you use your mouse (hardware) to move from one page to another.

As you learn about computer hardware and software and different types of computers,

You must wonder about the differences in the hardware components of those devices.

 As you progress through this tutorial, you will see that different types of computers usually use different types of software.

In the end, as we mentioned in the previous paragraphs about the importance of the two parts of any computer and Computer hardware and software

This is that the hardware is the parts that exist in the ready -computer-made and we can assemble them by ourselves, which is tangible to us.

We can replace it with a newer or stronger

 While the software is the programs with which we modify the pattern and behavior of the computer

And reprogram it again, but we cannot touch it, but it is not seen with our eyes at all.

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