What is the definition of the computer of hardware and software?

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The computer of hardware and software, a computer is a machine or a group of physical and tangible components known as hardware components, and we will find a group of abstract and intangible components, and this is called software. It works as a mediator that I can deal with and give him orders, and in turn, he can deal with the hardware parts. Any device such as (computer, mobile, printing devices, etc.) that is collecting software and hardware.

Computer of hardware and software

What is the definition of the computer of hardware and software?

The computer of hardware and software, Computer programs are called by this name to distinguish them from the hardware components of a computer,

That includes connections and physical devices needed to store and run programs.

At the lowest level, the term software includes the programming languages ​​of a

A computer, or what is known as the Machine Language, deals with a single processor.

A computer's programming language consists of sets of binary values ​​that express Processor Instructions.

What is hardware?

What is hardware?

A computer is made up of physical and tangible parts that can be touched by hand:

Motherboard: This is the motherboard that provides places and connections,

So that all the hardware components are combined, and the operations are organized between them.

You get the electrical supply from the power supply.

Hard Disk: This is the memory of the computer, or in other words, a memory card, like the mobile phone, but it is larger.

Computer of hardware

Computer of hardware

Through the hard disk, we can store everything we want, including photos, videos, movies, audio, written files, and books.

And this, of course, depends on the hard disk space, whether it is 320 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB, has two connections,

The first connection is responsible for the electrical supply to work and is connected to the power supply,

And the second connection is responsible for transferring and organizing the data, and it will be connected to the motherboard.

Computer of software

We will find a group of abstract and intangible components, and this is called software:

The software is:


Operating systems: The operating system is installed on the device's hard disk,

Then we can deal with the device through a graphical interface provided by the operating system.


There are many operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows was developed in 1992.
  • Mac was made by Apple and started in 1981.
  • GNU Linux is open-source, free and useful for programmers and hackers.


What is Software?

It is a set of programs that are installed on the device in order to help us deal with files of various kinds,

And deal with all the functions of the device. Images, virus protection programs, Internet browsing programs, electronic book readers etc.

In the end, the computer of hardware and software is that the software is nothing.

But a complement to the hardware so that I can deal with any device and get the full benefit.

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